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Game Version: 6.0.3
Total Downloads: 118,374
Updated: Nov 11, 2014
Created: Oct 22, 2008
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.0 +1 More release 552.16 KB Nov 11, 2014 6.0.3 21,864 download Fontain 1.0

+1 More releaseDownload
r20090516001404 +1 More release 474.36 KB May 16, 2009 3.1.0 77,381 download Fontain r20090516001404

+1 More releaseDownload
RC1-1 +1 More release 462.66 KB Oct 22, 2008 3.0.2 16,111 download Fontain RC1-1

+1 More releaseDownload
RC1 release 450.87 KB Oct 22, 2008 3.0.2 1,437 download Fontain RC1 releaseDownload
r20141111201400 +1 More beta 552.18 KB Nov 11, 2014 6.0.3 128 download Fontain r20141111201400

+1 More betaDownload
r20090504182956 +1 More alpha 474.22 KB May 4, 2009 3.1.0 240 download Fontain r20090504182956

+1 More alphaDownload
r20081022152402 alpha 314.81 KB Oct 22, 2008 3.0.2 74 download Fontain r20081022152402 alphaDownload



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Fontain is a simple Ace3 addon to give you a highly configurable set of controls over your UI's font choices.

You can set a master font for your whole UI, and even override SharedMedia so that all addons that use SharedMedia will use your selected font. Additionally, you have fine-grained control over every font in your UI, with a powerful wildcard matching system.

For example, if you want to set your master font to "Calibri", but want your tooltips all in "Bazooka", you could set the font for GameTooltip as you see fit, and all font strings that match GameTooltip* will be updated, including all derivatives. While this is often already done via inheritance, it does catch a number of outlying cases, giving you very powerful control over your UI's font selections.


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