WoW FuryWatch (for Demon Hunter) addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2022
wow addon FuryWatch (for Demon Hunter)

FuryWatch (for Demon Hunter)

Game Version: 7.0.3
Total Downloads: 14,315
Updated: Sep 10, 2016
Created: Sep 10, 2016
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Earlier Versions

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Fury Watch (v0.1) beta 24.44 KB Sep 10, 2016 7.0.3 14,315 download FuryWatch (for Demon Hunter) Fury Watch (v0.1) betaDownload


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This addon warns you with a simple audio and text notification when your fury is 95% full.

Sometimes you don't notice that your fury is almost full and that you're basically wasting your skills maximum potential.

With this addon you'll get a notification when your fury is >95% so you can react and use a spell you normally wouldn't use because it costs a lot of fury.

This addon is recommended for Demon hunters only

This addon is a modified continuation of Lohengun's addon "!HealthWatch"


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