WoW GarbageMan addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
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Game Version: 7.3.5
Total Downloads: 910
Updated: Mar 23, 2018
Created: Mar 23, 2018
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Earlier Versions

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7.3.5 release 25.70 KB Mar 23, 2018 7.3.5 784 download GarbageMan 7.3.5 releaseDownload
GarbageMan release 25.35 KB Mar 23, 2018 7.3.5 +34 126 download GarbageMan GarbageMan releaseDownload



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One man's trash is another man's treasure! Keep or sell both!

GarbageMan allows you with a button click to sell or delete unsellable Garbage.


Garbage can be the following based on user settings:

  • Grey items
  • Blacklisted items
  • Low-level gear


  • Build a whitelist of items you don't want GarbageMan to sell (e.g. [A Steamy Romance Novel]/[Pandaren Fishing Pole])
  • Build a blacklist of items GarbageMan should always sell/delete (e.g. [Preserved Holly])
  • Marks a gold coin on sellable Garbage and highlights red Garbage that can only be deleted [when talking to a merchant] 
  • Filter items in your bags to find Garbage items quickly with a button click [when talking to a merchant]
  • Highlights Garbage bright red to easily find [when visiting the bank]

Enabled by Settings: 

  • Sells gear below item-level threshold 
  • Sells lower item-level soulbound gear (N/A to artifact relics and weapons)
  • Bypasses bind-tradable item dialog pop-up when selling item
  • Bypasses refund item dialog pop-up when selling item
  • Deletes unsellable Garbage
  • Automatically sells Garbage when merchant window is opened

Slash Commands

/gm - opens GarbageMan settings

/garbageman – opens GarbageMan settings


Need help understanding on how to use GarbageMan?
Click the help icon on the merchant or bank window.

Upcoming Features

  • Selling lower i-lvl equippable weapons (presently does not consider offhand/mainhand combined i-lvl being less than 2-handed weapon—-based on individual i-lvl, not combined)
  • Creating account-wide and character-specific whitelist/blacklist (presently account-wide)


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