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Garrison Mobile

Game Version: 6.0.3
Total Downloads: 1,897
Updated: Jan 18, 2015
Created: Jan 10, 2015
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Earlier Versions

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Garrison Export release 1015 Bytes Jan 18, 2015 6.0.3 1,730 download Garrison Mobile Garrison Export releaseDownload
Garrison Export release 1.17 KB Jan 11, 2015 6.0.3 167 download Garrison Mobile Garrison Export releaseDownload



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This addon exports mission information from your Garrison so it can be picked up in a desktop application, and soon to be Mobile App which can notify you when a mission has finished.

The Desktop App is avalible from the following website:

Direct Download

Garrison Mission Tracker is a Desktop application for Windows that tracks Mission Times for Garrison Missions.

I am currently looking for people to test the web side of this, if you are interested please PM me and i will set you up an account

Current Features:

Supports Multi Character (On One Account).
Popup notification in Windows when a mission is complete.
Gets Mission Name
Gets Mission Level
Shows Completed Missions Untill Clicked

Planned Features:

Mobile App (Android)
Follower Information
Mission History
Work Orders!

How To Use

You will need to install 2 things.

The WoW Addon Available Via Curse

The Desktop App.

Installing The WoW Addon

To install the Wow addon you will need to place the folder “GarrisonExport” into your Interface/Addons folder (Full Path if your wow is installed on C will be C:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns)

Or use the Client to do this for you

Installing the Desktop Application

This part is simple, just run the setup file!

Configuring The Desktop App

You will need to go into the settings and select your account folder, the image below shows my account folder.2

How Does This Work?

The WoW Addon API has limitation, so we can not show “Live” data in the sense of you click a mission to go it updates the add, this works on the basis of SavedVaribles, everytime you start a mission the SavedVaribles are upated to bring through information that the app users, mostly the duration, time started, char name and realm.

However this file will not get written to until you log out of wow and back in again, so in short, send your Followers out then log out/Reload ui/change character and you will see your missions appear in the program!


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