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Game Version: 6.0.3
Total Downloads: 40,932
Updated: Nov 9, 2014
Created: Feb 7, 2009
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
GatherCounter 1.63 release 6.14 KB Nov 9, 2014 6.0.3 3,582 download GatherCounter GatherCounter 1.63 releaseDownload
GatherCounter 1.62 release 6.13 KB Jul 3, 2014 5.4.8 2,105 download GatherCounter GatherCounter 1.62 releaseDownload
GatherCounter 1.61 release 6.29 KB Nov 29, 2012 5.1.0 5,231 download GatherCounter GatherCounter 1.61 releaseDownload
GatherCounter 1.6 release 6.27 KB Oct 1, 2012 5.0.5 1,765 download GatherCounter GatherCounter 1.6 releaseDownload
GatherCounter 1.5 release 4.14 KB Sep 26, 2012 5.0.5 773 download GatherCounter GatherCounter 1.5 releaseDownload
GatherCounter 1.4 release 3.95 KB Nov 18, 2010 4.0.3 15,522 download GatherCounter GatherCounter 1.4 releaseDownload
GatherCounter 1.3 release 3.55 KB Apr 6, 2009 3.0.9 11,215 download GatherCounter GatherCounter 1.3 releaseDownload
GatherCounter 1.2 release 3.34 KB Mar 23, 2009 3.0.9 197 download GatherCounter GatherCounter 1.2 releaseDownload
GatherCounter 1.1 release 3.14 KB Feb 13, 2009 3.0.9 231 download GatherCounter GatherCounter 1.1 releaseDownload
GatherCounter 1.0 release 2.34 KB Feb 8, 2009 3.0.8 311 download GatherCounter GatherCounter 1.0 releaseDownload



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GatherCounter is a simple tool for displaying the current amount of selected items in a list, i.e. while farming. You can add nearly( because I haven’t tested ^^) all items for observation, from largest amounts of chilled meat till the smallest lvl1 poor quality item, as long as it is in your cache which is a restriction made by Blizzard. Now I worked around it and made a copy of the needed information for future use.

I missed a tool like this while farming ores, herbs and relics of ulduar, found none fitting and wrote one. Perhaps there is someone out there who is looking for such a tool, too.

If you were running version 1.4, don’t be alarmed that GC is deleting your current track for it is not compatible with following versions. Simply build up a new tracking list.

GatherCounter 1.63
GatherCounter: Configuration window opens via /gcount…
GatherCounter: Movability can be toggled via /gcount lock…
GatherCounter: Recentering can be achieved via /gcount center…
GatherCounter: Growing direction can be altered via /gcount up | down | left | right…
GatherCounter: Growing or shrinking of the icons can be achieved via /gcount grow | shrink | normalize…
GatherCounter: Add items to list by dropping them on the plus symbol…
GatherCounter: To add known items manually, use /gcount add itemname or /gcount add [itemlink]…
GatherCounter: Remove items from the list by clicking their symbol…
GatherCounter: To remove all items manually, use /gcount clear…
GatherCounter: This message can be called via /gcount help…


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