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Game Version: 6.1.0
Total Downloads: 3,158
Updated: Apr 2, 2015
Created: Jul 1, 2010
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Gobling release 13.58 KB Apr 2, 2015 6.1.0 702 download Gobling Gobling releaseDownload
Gobling release 13.58 KB Feb 25, 2014 5.4.2 366 download Gobling Gobling releaseDownload
Gobling release 13.58 KB Oct 27, 2011 4.2.0 1,064 download Gobling Gobling releaseDownload
Gobling release 13.56 KB Oct 4, 2010 3.3.5 650 download Gobling Gobling releaseDownload
Gobling release 12.79 KB Jul 2, 2010 3.3.5 267 download Gobling Gobling releaseDownload
Gobling release 12.72 KB Jul 1, 2010 3.3.5 109 download Gobling Gobling releaseDownload


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Description: Need help making decisions such as whether you should buy that

sweet  upgrade, or say no to a random /tell asking you to heal for a pick up

group? Well look no further, with Gobling you can now ask your very  own Goblin

prestidigitator. Just ask him your question and through Goblin cunning and

shrewdness, he will say his mind. On occasion, Gobling may even express

bewilderment when the quandary is not as clear-cut as it appears.

Gobling Lore: A shrewd business man and brash traveler, this Kezanian wanderer's

reputation preceded him wherever he went. He was on the road to becoming

Goblinkind's most famous (or infamous, if you prefer) denizen when he vanished.

Years passed since his disappearance and his fortune has changed hands many

times over until barely anyone remembered his name. As the Cataclysm befell the

lands of Azeroth, a mysterious Goblin has emerged, wise and cunning as any in

the various cartels, but curiously secretive. He wishes to join you on your

travels offers and offers his advice in exchange.

Globling 1.12

Author: Svartalve of Bronzebeard

A fun, little addon that gives you your very own Pocket Goblin to help you make

decisions as only a worldy, sarcastic companion can.


For the adventurous types, you can customize Gobling's YES/MAYBE/NO responses

easily by editing Localization.enUS.lua in your preferred text editor.


*Show "Gobling" window

Version History

1.12 October 4, 2010
Minor update

July 2, 2010
Minor Gobling.lua, Localization.enUS.lua updates.

1.1 July 1, 2010
Improved localization implemented (hat tip to Seerah!)

1.0 June 30, 2010
First Release


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