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Game Version: 1.13.5
Total Downloads: 172
Updated: Aug 20, 2020
Created: May 31, 2020
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GoFarm helps you keep score when farming for XP, items or gold.

Perfect for AOE xp/gold farms like SM Cath, ZF graveyard, and Mara purple!


Loot Message Filtering
GoFarm filters messages about money and gray/white items looted.  After you're done looting a group of corpses, it prints only totals for money and items just looted.
> Use "/gf verbose" to print separate totals for money looted, gray/white items looted, and items destroyed, after looting each group of mobs
> Use "/gf terse" (the default) to print one message with all three totals, after looting each group
> Use "/gf silent" to print none of these messages
NOTE: GoFarm always prints messages about green or better items looted, along with their vendor value.

Destruction of Blacklisted Items
You can blacklist low-value items to save bag space, so you make fewer trips to the vendor and spend that time farming higher-value items and XP.
By default, you destroy them manually, when you're ready, with "/gf trash".
Instead, you can tell GoFarm to do it automatically as the items are looted, with "/gf auto".
> Use "/gf <item-link>" to add an item to the blacklist
> Use "/gf save <item-link>" to remove an item from the blacklist
> Use "/gf list" to see the blacklist, sorted by vendor value of a maximum stack
> Use "/gf clear" to clear the blacklist, so nothing can be destroyed
> Use "/gf auto" to make GoFarm destroy blacklisted items as they are looted
> Use "/gf manual" to choose manual destruction (the default), and "/gf trash" when you want to destroy blacklisted items
NOTE:  Only gray (poor) and white (common) items can be blacklisted, for safety.

Kill Tracking
The kill tracker is a round button by the mini-map, next to the game clock.
Mouse-over it to see the GoFarm tooltip.
> Use "/gf zero" to reset all counters - kills, money, items, and XP (or click the button)

XP and Loot Totals
Mouse-over the kill tracker to see XP and money & item loot totals.
NOTE:  GoFarm uses vendor values for items - it's lightweight, and a good minimum value that avoids uncertainty about future auction results.

Instance Lockout Timer
Mouse-over the kill tracker to see the time when you can enter your next instance.
> Use "/gf instances" to see your history of recent instances.
NOTE:  You must be the party leader and resetting your own instances for this to be accurate (i.e. no tricks with an alt).

Master Switch
> Use "/gf on" to enable all GoFarm features (the default)
> Use "/gf off" to completely disable GoFarm


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