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Gone Fishing

Game Version: 6.0.2
Total Downloads: 4,457
Updated: Oct 16, 2014
Created: Jul 22, 2013
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v2.0 release 8.07 KB Oct 16, 2014 6.0.2 2,995 download Gone Fishing v2.0 releaseDownload
v1.9 release 8.11 KB Sep 12, 2013 5.4.0 809 download Gone Fishing v1.9 releaseDownload
v1.8 release 8.44 KB Aug 5, 2013 5.3.0 155 download Gone Fishing v1.8 releaseDownload
v1.7 release 5.23 KB Jul 24, 2013 5.3.0 109 download Gone Fishing v1.7 releaseDownload
v1.6 release 5.49 KB Jul 22, 2013 5.3.0 65 download Gone Fishing v1.6 releaseDownload
v1.9-2-g884bbcb alpha 7.39 KB Oct 15, 2014 6.0.2 38 download Gone Fishing v1.9-2-g884bbcb alphaDownload
v1.8-3-g2a615ef alpha 7.38 KB Sep 12, 2013 5.4.0 41 download Gone Fishing v1.8-3-g2a615ef alphaDownload
v1.8-1-g8cbea0c alpha 7.31 KB Aug 5, 2013 5.3.0 25 download Gone Fishing v1.8-1-g8cbea0c alphaDownload
v1.7-7-g2db2734 alpha 7.24 KB Aug 4, 2013 5.3.0 23 download Gone Fishing v1.7-7-g2db2734 alphaDownload
v1.7-5-g5b56ce2 alpha 6.72 KB Jul 29, 2013 5.3.0 20 download Gone Fishing v1.7-5-g5b56ce2 alphaDownload
v1.7-4-g0886289 alpha 4.53 KB Jul 25, 2013 5.3.0 19 download Gone Fishing v1.7-4-g0886289 alphaDownload
v1.7-1-gb77013a alpha 4.39 KB Jul 25, 2013 5.3.0 22 download Gone Fishing v1.7-1-gb77013a alphaDownload
v1.6-7-g93b4db4 alpha 4.50 KB Jul 24, 2013 5.3.0 27 download Gone Fishing v1.6-7-g93b4db4 alphaDownload
v1.6-6-g159d39a alpha 4.49 KB Jul 23, 2013 5.3.0 28 download Gone Fishing v1.6-6-g159d39a alphaDownload
v1.6-5-g0fbe54e alpha 4.45 KB Jul 23, 2013 5.3.0 28 download Gone Fishing v1.6-5-g0fbe54e alphaDownload
v1.6-2-g23ceb3a alpha 3.89 KB Jul 22, 2013 5.3.0 22 download Gone Fishing v1.6-2-g23ceb3a alphaDownload
r20130722222057 alpha 4.74 KB Jul 22, 2013 5.3.0 31 download Gone Fishing r20130722222057 alphaDownload


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Gone Fishing

Basic Usage

  1. Create a macro that executes the /gonefishing command
    and put it in your action bar.

  2. Call the macro to equip everything that raises your fishing
    skill: rods, boots and hats. Gone Fishing automatically
    selects your items with the highest fishing stats.

  3. Catch those fish!

  4. Call the macro again to unequip your fishing gear and switch
    back to the gear previously worn.

Gone Fishing temporarily uses an equipment set named
GONEFISHING_tmp to store your original gear – so don't edit this
equipment set (you will confuse Gone Fishing) and don't create your
own set with that name (it will be overwritten/deleted).

Advanced usage

Gone Fishing supports all [conditionals] so you can write
more complex macros like this:

/use [nomod] fishing 
/gonefishing [mod]

This will cast your fishing rod if you click the macro
without any modifiers (shift/ctrl/alt) and it will invoke
/gonefishing instead only if you hold a modifier.
This saves space in your action bar.

Download / Updates

  • Download/Installation via Curse:
  • Project homepage:
  • Curseforge Project:


Gone Fishing – fishing gear swapper addon for World of Warcraft
Copyright (C) 2013 Christian Garbs

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see


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