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wow addon GPS – Coordinate Based Player Tracking

GPS – Coordinate Based Player Tracking

Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 621
Updated: Oct 4, 2019
Created: Oct 4, 2019
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In a few simple commands, you can see where all other friendly players in your realm are!  It works by reading coordinates posted in a designated chat channel and adding map markers for the coordinates entered, along with the name of the player that posted the coordinates. This is fully automated, so you dont need to post or type any coordinates! Just set it and forget it :) 


Everyone using the add-on will post in a channel of their choosing. Share that channel with people you'd like to broadcast your coordinates to. Those people will also broadcast coordinates to that channel too! After that, anyone broadcasting coordinates in that channel will appear on your map in real-time! Coordinates will be removed and updated automatically, as new ones are received. 


Download TomTom, as we utilize TomTom for retrieving coordinates and setting waypoints. No setup needed other than installing!


How it works:
You can simply follow the headers of each step. Fast setup will get you going with little to no effort. I recommend you read the Long Setup steps for more information.




1. /join <You Unique Channel Name> <Password>   (Remember the # of the channel, e.g. [5. MyChannelName] would have a channel number of 5)

2. Tell your friends with the add-on to join the channel by giving them the name and password. The channel number is different for each person, but the name is the same.Your friends need to use the channel number on their screen!

2. /setBroadcastChannel <Channel Number from previous step>

3. /broadcastOn

4.(Optional) /broadcastChannelHide


Long Setup:


Step One: Create a Private Channel and invite other people who also have the addon (/join <Channel Name> <Channel Password>

1. Create a private world channel and set a password for that channel(optional, but recommended!)

2. For example, "/join <ChannelName> <Password> or "/join MyPrivateChannel Password123" (this is an example, don't use this)
3. This will give you a channel ID, which is the number of the channel as it appears in your chat window! If you have to type /5 to type in your channel, your channel id is 5

4. Give this channel name and password to your friends or other people you trust! Everyone will be posting their coordinates in here, but dont worry, you can hide this channel so you don't see all of the messages!

5. Remember! The channel name will be the same for your friends, BUT the # of the channel could be different. The channel might be #5 for you, but it could be #6 or #7 or #8 etc for your friends. Look for the number, not the name when using /setBroadcastChannel

5. Done!


Step Two: Set the Channel ID to the Channel Number of your private channel ( /setBroadcastChannel <Channel #> ) 
1. Set the channel you want to post your coordinates to and read from by typing "/setBroadcastChannel <Your Private Channel ID #>

2. For example, if our channel was [5. MyPrivateChannel], you would type "/setBroadcastChannel 5"

3. Done!


(Optional) Step Three: Set how often you want to post your coordinates for real-time updates (/setBroadcastInterval <Number of Seconds>)
1. Set how often you want to broadcast your coordinates. with "/setBroadcastInterval <Number of Seconds>" 

2. The default broadcast timer is every 30 seconds, but you can change this down to 10 if you'd like

3. For performance reasons and to keep you from triggering Blizzard spam filters, the fastest you can broadcast is every 10 seconds – might be lowered in the future

4. If you want to have better real-time tracking, tell your friends to lower their broadcast rate to 10 seconds! 

5. Done!


Step Four: Start broadcasting your coordinates! (/broadcastOn)
1. The moment you've been waiting for! Start posting your coordinates automatically by typing "/broadcastOn"

2. That's it! You should see a message in your chat channel that looks like " [5. MyPrivateChannel] [MyName]: 1495 50.5 60.2 30 "

3. If you see this, you're now broadcasting successfully!

4. This is defaulted to off in case you don't want to broadcast your coordinates. Make sure to re-enable on reload or login!


(Optional) Step Five: Hide the coordinate messages from your chat window (/broadcastChannelHide)
1. You will be seeing a lot of coordinate messages in chat by default. If you want to hide this, simply type "/broadcastChannelHide" and you won't see messages in the private channel you set as your broadcast channel

2. You can show the channel messages again by typing "/broadcastChannelShow". Don't worry, if it's hidden, it's still working!



Command List:
/broadcastOn – Enables broadcasting of your coordinates

/broadcastOff – Disables broadcasting of your coordinates

/setBroadcastChannel <Channel #> – Set the channel to post to and read coordinates from

/setBroadcastInterval <# of Seconds> – Set how many seconds between each of your broadcasts. Less time = Faster. Must be greater than or equal to 10 seconds (>=10 seconds). Defaults to 30 

/broadcastChannelShow – Show messages in the Broadcast Channel. This is on by default. You will see all messages in the Broadcast Channel you have set. 

/broadcastChannelHide – Hide messages in the Broadcast Channel. This is HIGHLY recommended once you confirm that things are working correctly to prevent a cluttered chat window.

/gpsMapOn – Enables the mapping of other players coordinates. Default is ON. This means players will appear on your map

/gpsMapOff – Disables the mapping of other players. Use this command to stop mapping players coordinates automatically. This means player will not appear on your map


Other commands:

/getBroadcastInterval – Shows you what the current broadcast interval is set to
/getBroadcastChannel – Shows you what the current Broadcast Channel is set to
/gpsClear – Removes all waypoints on the map in case something goes wrong or if you have too many waypoints and need to clear them all. This is not something you will need to do 99% of the time


Notes and Warnings:

Joining and Leaving Channels

Pay attention to the # of your channel (aka channel ID). If the Channel IDs change, you may need to update your broadcast channel by typing /setBroadcastChannel <new channel id>

This would only happen if you leave a channel that has a lower number than your broadcast channel or if you leave and rejoin your broadcast channel and the number changes. This won't be obvious until you logout and log back in. The game automatically renumbers your channels if you leave a channel with a number lower than another channel. 



You join channel 5 and you join channel 6 and set channel 6 to your broadcast channel. 

You leave channel 5 and logout.

You login, and because you left channel 5, your broadcast channel went from channel #6 to channel #5 automatically. This means your old /setBroadcastChannel is no longer accurate, and you must update your broadcast channel to the new channel #5. Other players don't need to do this, unless their channel # change. These numbers are examples and your numbers may differ. 


 Changing Characters:

If you switch to a different character and if your broadcast channel # is different, you need to "/setBroadcastChannel <number>" when you switch between characters. Make sure you join the same broadcast channel, but the number may be different between characters! I will add character-specific settings later on so you don't need to do this in the future. 


Entering an instance such as the SW Tram or any dungeon and leaving while broadcast will require you to /broadcastOff and /broadcastOn once you exit the instance. This will be fixed next release. 



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