WoW GreatestRogueOnTheServer addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
wow addon GreatestRogueOnTheServer


Game Version: 1.13.7 +1
Total Downloads: 161
Updated: May 23, 2021
Created: Jun 9, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.5 release 20.12 KB May 23, 2021 1.13.7 +1 0 download GreatestRogueOnTheServer GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.5 releaseDownload
GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.4 release 19.46 KB Dec 7, 2020 1.13.6 46 download GreatestRogueOnTheServer GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.4 releaseDownload
GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.3 release 19.55 KB Dec 7, 2020 1.13.6 6 download GreatestRogueOnTheServer GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.3 releaseDownload
GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.2 release 19.49 KB Nov 22, 2020 1.13.5 21 download GreatestRogueOnTheServer GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.2 releaseDownload
GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.1 release 20.32 KB Sep 20, 2020 1.13.5 22 download GreatestRogueOnTheServer GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.1 releaseDownload
GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.0 release 17.79 KB Aug 24, 2020 1.13.5 17 download GreatestRogueOnTheServer GreatestRogueOnTheServer v1.3.0 releaseDownload release 15.21 KB Jun 16, 2020 1.13.4 27 download GreatestRogueOnTheServer releaseDownload


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Allows Stankybutt to make people send messages about how great he is. This randomly picks from a set of pre-defined phrases and will, if agreed, announce it to his preferred location



This addon currently requires the requester (Stankybutt) to be in a Guild as the addon messages will be broadcast there (privately).



General usage for anyone who has it installed that is not Stankybutt:

  When Stankybutt requests his greatness to be announced, you will receive a prompt to confirm you want to share how great Stankybutt is.  Simply press “Yes” (or “No”, if you really don’t want to).



/grots who – sends a guild-wide message to see who currently has the addon installed

/grots buffs – checks the current raid for DMT, Ony\Nef, and ZG buffs.  Those with any of them will get sent to an editable window for copy\paste. DAT BONUS.

/grots list [class | healer | loot] – lists the current raid or party into a copyable dialog.

  – class – Outputs the player name and class, separated by a tab (shows as ? in the dialog but copies fine)

  – healer – Attempts to determine healers and give high level information on their mana situation (current/max, %, # heals they can do, drinking, offline\online)

  – loot – Lists the loot (Scarab key and hourglass sand) that has been collected so far


General usage for Stankybutt

 Stankybutt may, at any time, send a request to everyone using the commands below.  Announcement requests can only be made every 2 minutes.



/grots [a | announce] <destination> ([<player> | <channel>])


Where destination can be:

officer: Guild Officer chat

party: Announcer’s party chat

raid: Announcer’s users party chat

person or player: Whispers the specified person.  This requires the players name.

channel: messages the requested channel. This requires the channels name.

say: Announcer will /say it

yell: Announcer will /yell it



/grots a person Priestly – will ask everyone with the addon installed to whisper Priestly with the greatness of Stankybutt

/grots a party – will ask everyone with the addon installed to tell their current party how great Stankybutt is

/grots announce channel world – will ask everyone with the addon installed to message world chat with a reminder on how amazing Stankybutt is



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