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Grid Filter Layout

Game Version: 6.2.0
Total Downloads: 2,413
Updated: Aug 9, 2015
Created: Aug 9, 2015
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This addon restricts Grid to a configurable list of units. Simply set up Grid to use the layout "Filter", then target the unit and enter /gfl inside a chat window to add or remove the unit from the filter.

For example, a tank player might set it up so that Grid only displays the other tank and the raid lead, and install GridStatusDirectionArrows so he always knows who is where.


  • Choose horizontal or vertical Grid layout.
  • Filter list is saved across WoW restarts.
  • Hotkey for "add/remove unit" configurable via Blizzard's key binding menu.

Chat commands

  • /gfl

    • Adds the currently selected target to the filter list or removes it. Also available via Blizzard's key binding menu.
  • /gfl list

    • Displays the current filter list.
  • /gfl remove X

    • Removes entry number X from the filter list.
  • /gfl clear

    • Clears the filter list.
  • /gfl help

    • Displays this help text.


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