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Game Version: 5.0.4
Total Downloads: 10,464
Updated: Sep 2, 2012
Created: Jan 21, 2012
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.1.1 release 2.13 KB Sep 2, 2012 5.0.4 6,870 download GridStatusDispellableDebuffs 1.1.1 releaseDownload
1.1.0 release 2.08 KB Sep 1, 2012 5.0.4 527 download GridStatusDispellableDebuffs 1.1.0 releaseDownload
1.0.0 release 2.18 KB Jan 22, 2012 4.3.0 3,044 download GridStatusDispellableDebuffs 1.0.0 releaseDownload
r7 alpha 2.09 KB Sep 2, 2012 5.0.4 5 download GridStatusDispellableDebuffs r7 alphaDownload
r5 alpha 2.04 KB Sep 1, 2012 5.0.4 6 download GridStatusDispellableDebuffs r5 alphaDownload
r4 alpha 2.00 KB Aug 31, 2012 5.0.4 6 download GridStatusDispellableDebuffs r4 alphaDownload
r2 alpha 2.14 KB Jan 22, 2012 4.3.0 6 download GridStatusDispellableDebuffs r2 alphaDownload


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Adds a status to Grid for debuffs dispellable by your character.

How is this different than the standard debuff type statuses, you ask? Well, the keywords are "dispellable by your character". This means curses won't show up if you're a paladin or a priest, magic effects won't show up unless you have a healing spec, etc.


  • Only debuffs dispellable by proper healing spec dispels will be taken into account. This means that the paladin skill Emancipate or Mass Dispel if you're shadow, for example, won't count.
  • The indicator is colored by the debuff type, using the default debuff type colors.
  • If more than one debuff type is currently active, the indicator's appearance is deterrmined by the most significant debuff type, using the following priority: magic > curse > poison > disease.


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