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Game Version: 6.0.2
Total Downloads: 7,300
Updated: Oct 15, 2014
Created: Feb 6, 2013
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.0.3 +1 More release 37.63 KB Oct 15, 2014 6.0.2 3,873 download GridStatusHRTargets 1.0.3

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1.1 +1 More release 36.94 KB Oct 12, 2013 5.4.0 1,294 download GridStatusHRTargets 1.1

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1.0.2 +1 More release 36.45 KB May 22, 2013 5.3.0 722 download GridStatusHRTargets 1.0.2

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v1.0.1 +1 More release 36.23 KB Mar 6, 2013 5.2.0 518 download GridStatusHRTargets v1.0.1

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v1.0 +1 More release 36.11 KB Mar 3, 2013 5.1.0 116 download GridStatusHRTargets v1.0

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v1.0-beta7 +1 More beta 35.85 KB Feb 25, 2013 5.1.0 153 download GridStatusHRTargets v1.0-beta7

+1 More betaDownload
v1.0-beta6 +1 More beta 35.71 KB Feb 24, 2013 5.1.0 75 download GridStatusHRTargets v1.0-beta6

+1 More betaDownload
v1.0-beta5 +1 More beta 35.59 KB Feb 8, 2013 5.1.0 168 download GridStatusHRTargets v1.0-beta5

+1 More betaDownload
v1.0-beta4 +1 More beta 35.49 KB Feb 7, 2013 5.1.0 46 download GridStatusHRTargets v1.0-beta4

+1 More betaDownload
v1.0-beta3 +1 More beta 35.49 KB Feb 7, 2013 5.1.0 35 download GridStatusHRTargets v1.0-beta3

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Indicates the potential best target for Holy Radiance in your Grid.

This is a modified version of GridStatusBestCluster. This addon is specifically targeted toward the Holy Radiance spell, using HR specific healing power and generated mastery shields for targets selection.

The amount of "useful" mastery can be customized in the settings from none to all. This allow to tweak the algorithm for differents fight mechanisms like constant AoE damages (very good for mastery) or nonexistent raid damages (the mastery shield is fully lost). By default, only 70% of the shield is accounted for.

This status emits a text value which can be used for one of the two "center text" indicators. This text is actually the amount of healing predicted by the addon.

It will only work if your char knows Holy Radiance (aka: is a paladin with holy as his currently active spec).

In practice, getting the exact healing value for HR is tricky and for the sake of simplicity the healing formula is hard-coded into the addon. This means that this will produce erroneous results if you are not level 90 or if for any reason you don't use Seal of Insight (but who does that?!). In any other cases, the results seems pretty accurate. Don't forget this is only a snapshot done at specific intervals and does not account for player movements (this is in fact the first reason of erroneous values).


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