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wow addon GroupLootContainerFix


Game Version: 8.1.0
Total Downloads: 535
Updated: Jan 5, 2019
Created: Dec 23, 2018
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.0-beta beta 2.28 KB Jan 5, 2019 8.1.0 455 download GroupLootContainerFix 1.0-beta betaDownload
1.0-alpha.2 alpha 1.88 KB Dec 26, 2018 8.1.0 58 download GroupLootContainerFix 1.0-alpha.2 alphaDownload
1.0-alpha alpha 1.76 KB Dec 23, 2018 8.1.0 22 download GroupLootContainerFix 1.0-alpha alphaDownload


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Fixes the following issues that relate to the GroupLootContainer:

  1. By default GroupLootContainer is set to receive mouse events and thus when it's shown, it blocks the WorldFrame from receiving mouse events.
  2. Seems like frames added to GroupLootContainer.rollFrames aren't being removed for some reason and this affects positioning of the roll frames such as BonusRollFrame.
  3. Due to #2 the size of the GroupLootContainer grows indefinitely.

Things I don't know

  • I don't know whether Blizzard broke this before patch 8.1 or after it.
  • I don't know whether an addon is causing it but to me this seems really unlikely and more like a bug Blizzard introduced.

Possible related issues



This is only a workaround and shouldn't be considered the final solution; Blizzard should look into the issues above and fix it.



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