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Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 4,848
Updated: Aug 24, 2019
Created: Aug 23, 2019
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Poww's Alliance Guide release 67.36 KB Aug 24, 2019 1.13.2 4,848 download Guidelime_Poww Poww's Alliance Guide releaseDownload



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Poww's Alliance Leveling Guide for fast leveling
If the FAQ doesnt help, join my Discord:
Find me on twitch:
Are all races/classes included?
– Yes, atleast for the starting zones (1-12). After that everyone follows the same guide.
Where can I find the GuideLime?
– You can download it here: It is also available via the Twitch Client.
Did you make the AddOn?
– No, Borick is the developer. I just wrote this guide to make it easier for me during leveling and I decided to share it.
Why should I use your Guide?
– My guide is optimized for leveling and it is helping the average player through the quests. Sometimes they send you to the other side of the world, thats where routing becomes super important. I have alot of experience from private servers and retail vanilla. I have been raiding for the highest level on servers like Emerald Dream (Feenix) and Nighthaven (Elysium-project).
– Dwarf/Gnome Zone have been optimized for leveling by TierraTV (Mage in APES), find him on twitch:
Check my 1-12 with this route here: (1h46min to lvl10 and 2h47min to lvl12)
– Human Zone have been optimized for leveling by RoguishhTV (Paladin in Maximum Effort), find him on twitch:
Check his 1-10 World Record here: (1h22min)
– Night Elf Zone have been optimized by myself
Check my 1-10 here: (2h2min)




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