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Halo Minimalistic

Game Version: 6.0.3
Total Downloads: 6,301
Updated: Nov 17, 2014
Created: Mar 5, 2013
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Halo Minimalistic v1.7.1 release 12.33 KB Nov 17, 2014 6.0.3 2,487 download Halo Minimalistic Halo Minimalistic v1.7.1 releaseDownload
Halo Minimalistic v1.7.0 release 11.09 KB Oct 15, 2014 6.0.2 626 download Halo Minimalistic Halo Minimalistic v1.7.0 releaseDownload
Halo Minimalistic 1.6.1 release 11.00 KB May 25, 2013 5.3.0 1,882 download Halo Minimalistic Halo Minimalistic 1.6.1 releaseDownload
Halo Minimalistic 1.6.0 release 11.00 KB Apr 4, 2013 5.2.0 495 download Halo Minimalistic Halo Minimalistic 1.6.0 releaseDownload
Halo Minimalistic 1.5.1 release 10.42 KB Apr 3, 2013 5.2.0 123 download Halo Minimalistic Halo Minimalistic 1.5.1 releaseDownload
Halo Minimalistic 1.5.0 release 9.79 KB Mar 27, 2013 5.2.0 209 download Halo Minimalistic Halo Minimalistic 1.5.0 releaseDownload
Halo Minimalistic 1.3.2 release 7.63 KB Mar 6, 2013 5.2.0 340 download Halo Minimalistic Halo Minimalistic 1.3.2 releaseDownload
Halo Minimalistic 1.3.1 release 7.63 KB Mar 5, 2013 5.1.0 139 download Halo Minimalistic Halo Minimalistic 1.3.1 releaseDownload



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Halo Minimalistic

What is this?

A minimalistic halo range display. Now with full support for Cascade and Divine Star.

What is minimalistic is the display on screen, the engine is solid and CPU friendly. See below for more informations.

How it works?

It's a tiny frame (scalable and movable) of three icons that change, hide or show according to the range between you and your target (friendly or not) and/or the unit you are mouse hovering (friendly or not).

In action

No target No target

15 yards Closer than 15 yards

15-20 yards Between 15 and 20 yards

20-25 yards Between 20 and 25 yards

25-30 yards Between 25 and 30 yards

30 yards Further than 30 yards

No target No target

0-35 yards Between 0 and 35 yards

35-40 yards Between 35 and 40 yards

40 yards Further than 40 yards

Divine Star
No target No target

0-20 yards Between 0 and 20 yards

20-25 yards Between 20 and 25 yards

25 yards Further than 25 yards

Movable When the frame is movable

More informations and FAQ

  • Why using 20-25 range as the accurate one when you can use 25-28?
    After some testing, from me and friends, it was clearly stated that the hardest hits from Halo came from that 20-25 range when just entering in it from the 25-30.

  • While you are talking about that 25-30 range, why not using 25-28?
    It just give you more time to react. Running through the 25-28 range was to fast.

With Wow API you can only check if you are in range from a specific unit to cast a specific spell (or an item that got a spell). And there is spells or items for melee, 5, 9, 10 ,11, 15, 20 ,25, 28, 30 ,35 ,40 yards, and some others after that.
This is why the addon cannot be 100% accurate, it knows you are in the 20-25 by checking if you are not in range for a 20 yards spell and if you are in range for a 25 yards spell.

Knowing this it become clear that the 20-25 range is the accurate one, in the 25-30 range you will never be at 25 yards, and when you will get use to it, finding the best range is very easy.
You know that when coming from the 25-30 range you will have to stop really fast, and when coming from the 15-20 you will have to travel a little further.

This also explain why Divine Star uses the 15-20 yards range as the accurate one, in the 20-25 it can fail as it travels 24 yards before returning to you.


There is a "Halo Minimalistic" category within the AddOns tab in the Blizzard interface options frame.


Those two commands are available and need to be typed in the chat input box: "/halomini" and "/hm". "/hm" is just a shorter version of "/halomini".

  • With no argument it will toggle the movable state of the frame.
  • "/hm config" Open the configuration panel.
  • "/hm reset" Reset the frame position to the center of the screen.

Feedback & help

If you find an error please report it here.

You can help with localization here.


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