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Heal Officer Classic

Game Version: 1.13.6
Total Downloads: 0
Updated: Feb 7, 2021
Created: Feb 7, 2021
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By Tytus – Arugal (US) (H)


UX design based on SurgeonGeneral by Brimmstone but all code has been rewritten entirely with new features added.



This tool helps healing officers to quickly populate assignments for each raid boss and save it week to week. The assignments can then be broadcast to raid, a custom channel, or whispered to players.



  • Broadcast assignments to raid or custom channel
  • Whisper assignments directly to players
  • Allow auto-response of current assignment for each player when they whisper you "assignment"
  • Auto-fill healer list 
  • Assignments based on dynamic markers (Main tank 1-5)
  • Drag and drop re-ordering
  • Highlights healers who are assigned but missing from the raid group
  • DataBroker integration


There may still be some bugs and quirks with the UI so please report them.




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