WoW Hide Achievements addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
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Hide Achievements

Game Version: 9.1.5
Total Downloads: 131
Updated: Nov 3, 2021
Created: Sep 30, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
HideAchievementsv1.5 release 1.37 KB Nov 3, 2021 9.1.5 17 download Hide Achievements HideAchievementsv1.5 releaseDownload
HideAchievementsv1.4 release 1.35 KB Oct 12, 2021 9.1.0 41 download Hide Achievements HideAchievementsv1.4 releaseDownload
HideAchievementsv1.3 release 1.32 KB Oct 2, 2021 9.1.0 17 download Hide Achievements HideAchievementsv1.3 releaseDownload
HideAchievementsv1.2 release 1.19 KB Sep 30, 2021 9.1.0 5 download Hide Achievements HideAchievementsv1.2 releaseDownload
HideAchievementsv1.1 release 1.17 KB Sep 30, 2021 9.1.0 0 download Hide Achievements HideAchievementsv1.1 releaseDownload
HideAchievementsv1.0 release 877 Bytes Sep 30, 2021 9.1.0 29 download Hide Achievements HideAchievementsv1.0 releaseDownload


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If you want to remove the temptation and awareness of Achievements.

This addon aims to… Hide the Achievement System:

1. Hides the MicroBar Icon for Achievements

2. Hides, specifically, “Achievement Progress” & “Criteria Earned” Toast popups

3. Filters Chat/Guild Achievements from Chat
   You can just untick the checkboxes in Chat, but LUA code included

4. Removes the KeyBinds/Shortcuts for “TOGGLEACHIEVEMENT” & “TOGGLESTATISTICS”
   You can just unbind them yourself, but LUA code included

At this stage, unable to hide the Achievement Animation that is triggered on event “ACHIEVEMENT_EARNED”


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