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Game Version: 9.0.5
Total Downloads: 112,958
Updated: Mar 9, 2021
Created: Jun 15, 2019
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Hyperspawn release 25.64 KB Mar 9, 2021 9.0.5 0 download Hyperspawn Hyperspawn releaseDownload



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A robust gold farming addon that keeps track of gold earned, GPH, total kills, KPH, session duration and items looted. Originally created for Hyperspawn farming, this addon makes any type of farm a success!


  • Tracks total gold earned, gold per hour, kills, kills per hour, duration, all items looted, number (based on item quantity) of items looted during farming session.
  • Built in alerts to assist the player during their farm session (loot reminder [2 minute timer so you loot before corpses despawn], alerts when black ox stature despawns, etc).
  • Tracks session statistics in interface options.
  • Announcements (if a player gets an epic item, if a player summons an item that may be useful for another player [mailbox, vendor, etc]).
  • Share your location via Waypoint so other players can super track the farm location.
  • Automatically sell all gray items or click a button from merchant frame.
  • Other minor things to improve QoL like setting a raid icon automatically on the black ox statue (Hyperspawn farming]).



Download the official version, don’t fall for a scam, download it here



How to Report a Bug or Suggestion
If you’re submitting a bug, please provide a list of all addons, a detailed description of the problem (error message if applicable) and troubleshooting steps taken to resolve the issue (i.e. disabling all addons, clearing cache, etc)

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Special Thanks
Arcuslux (Moon Guard)
Community Manager (US Alliance/US Horde)
<3#8402 (Discord Tag)
Hyperspawn Graphic Designer
Anatharias#4827 (Discord Tag)
French Translator
Levtos (
German Translator

Black Ox Statue Focus Macro
/cast [@player] Summon Black Ox Statue
/target Black Ox Statue

Black Ox Statue Focus Macro
/target Black Ox Statue

Slash Commands
/hs or /hyperspawn
– Toggles  addon visibility (this will disable all addon features)

How to Configure a Theme
– Browse to the AddOns folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft_retail_\Interface\AddOns)
– Locate Hyperspawn
– Right-click hyperSpawn_userConfig.lua and select Open with > Notepad++ (or Notepad if not installed)
– Read the description of each value before making changes and references websites if available
– Once completed, save the file and load World of Warcraft (do not change the file name)

(these settings will be replaced after updating the addon, you must backup the file to another location to re-use after an update)


*Hyperspawn DOESN’T support people who report others for questing while they’re farming, DON’T be that person!


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