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Item Buyer

Game Version: 7.0.3
Total Downloads: 1,100
Updated: Jul 26, 2016
Created: Jul 26, 2016
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ItemBuyer was designed to easily help players buy multiple stacks of vendor items in a single request. With ItemBuyer players can choose to either buy a specific quantity of item or to even buy the maximum number of item possible based on what the player can afford and hold in their bags. Installing ItemBuyer adds the slash command '/itembuyer' to the chat box. The '/itembuyer' command is used to put in a request for ItemBuyer to buy a specific item from the currently interacted with vendor's selection for any specified quantity.

Some cool features of ItemBuyer:
*By setting the requested item's quantity to 'all' will calculate the maximum purchasable quantity based on bag space/currency and buy it.
*Fills up incomplete stacks of the requested item in the player's inventory first to maximize on available bag space.
*Allows buying items that use multiple currencies and different kinds of currency. (i.e. money, currency tab items (such as garrison resources), and inventory items (such as savage blood))
*Uses a confirmation box to describe the item to be purchased and it's amount giving users a chance to cancel the request.
*Works with items that are single purchase or bought in partial stacks.

The following describes how to use ItemBuyer:

    '/itembuyer item quantity'
    *where 'item' can be either the item's link (shift-left click on vendor item) or the item's name surrounded with '[' and ']'
    *where 'quantity' can be any positive integer or the keyword 'ALL'
    *must be interacting with a vendor that sells 'item'

    '/itembuyer [Pickaxe] 27' => results in buying 27 Pickaxes
    '/itembuyer [Crystal Flask] 2000' => results in buying 10 stacks of 200 Crystal Flasks
    '/itembuyer [Draenic Dust] all' => results in buying the max number of Draenic Dust limited by either currency or bag space

*ItemBuyer does not check if an item is purchasable by the player (i.e. reputation requirements met or unique item limitation)


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