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Jason James Ivie

Game Version: 1.13.5
Total Downloads: 7
Updated: Sep 11, 2020
Created: Sep 11, 2020
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A simple addon that allows everyone in the guild to see all the AQ 20/40 Idols and Scarabs that your guild has in inventory.


Some Notes:

This addon uses the guild information to store the inventory. If you want to use the guild information section for other purposes then this addon will not work for you.

The inventory must be on a single character in the guild that has access to edit the guild information.

The addon will count all Idols/Scarabs in the players bag and bank bags (if the bank bags are open when the update is ran).

At any time anyone who is in the guild can see the most recent inventory update.


The addon works with the following two slash commands:

/idolupdate – (this should ONLY be used by the person who has the Idols/Scarabs). This needs to be ran whenever the inventory changes.

/idol – This is the slash command everyone will use to display the inventory levels.


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