WoW JWXPBar addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
wow addon JWXPBar


Game Version: 7.2.5 +4
Total Downloads: 334
Updated: Aug 19, 2017
Created: Aug 19, 2017
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
JWXPBar vs 0.9 Release release 30.34 KB Aug 19, 2017 7.2.5 +4 334 download JWXPBar JWXPBar vs 0.9 Release releaseDownload



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There are many XP bars to choose from, but I never found one I liked enough to use exclusively. I like having a separate XP and Rep bar while leveling, so I created this one with inspiration from stExperience bar. I believe it is bug free (undocumented features) and works as designed. Feel free to make suggestions. If you want to move the bar, hold down the shift key while left clicking on the frame.


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