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Game Version: 8.2.0 +1
Total Downloads: 376
Updated: Aug 26, 2019
Created: Aug 26, 2019
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What Is It?

Kaydee is a PvP tracker addon for World of Warcraft, and is compatible with World of Warcraft: Classic.

Kaydee watches for any PvP killing blows in your vicinity and records them. While killing blows are not the most full or accurate way to sum up an entire PvP encounter, they get us 80% of the way there for 5% of the work. The records tracked are not just Horde vs. Alliance, but all PvP, including Gurubashi Arena and duels.

Kaydee is not an addon for only your data, though. Kaydee will also automatically share your data with your friends and guildmates, and theirs with you. This allows you to, for example, see if someone has been killing your friend a lot, and get justice in their stead.

Enhanced Player Tooltips

The main feature of Kaydee is adding your and your friends' K/D information to player tooltips, as demonstrated here:

Kaydee Tooltip

This tooltip is saying that "Whatisthis" has defeated "Idonteven" 4 times and lost 0 times. Your own stats are always shown on top (provided that you have a record with the character you're tooltipping over). Below Whatisthis' entry is Deadboy's (who is a friend of Whatisthis).

The tooltip will display up to 20 K/D records. It always shows yours (if applicable), and then shows the data for the 19-20 friends and guildmates of yours who have had the most recorded encounters with the target.

"Your History"

Clicking on the Kaydee minimap icon (the same icon as the Warrior ability Revenge) or running the /kaydee history command will show the "Your History" window:

Kaydee English UI

This window is a log of all of the PvP killing blows you have ever dealt or received (while Kaydee has been enabled). You can scroll through it and reminisce to your heart's content.

Usually, it just says "No modifiers" under the entry. Sometimes, it might contain some information about if the killing blow was blocked, absorbed, or partially resisted.

Warning: Performance

I have noticed that the addon causes substantial pauses when there are thousands of entries or more. I intend to solve this in the future by

  1. Allowing the user to toggle Kaydee's logging off (e.g. in preparation for engaging in a 14-hour session of Rank 14 honor grinding)
  2. Allowing the user to configure a time period for deleting and ignoring old records (e.g. "no longer store records about PvP encounters from over a month ago")
  3. Allowing the user to disable syncing with friends or guildmates, or maybe even with select people

I expect that these things will help a lot with keeping the database size manageable. For now, it should be fine, though (and long as you and your friends aren't the sort to spend your time camping lowbies in Redridge all day). Check back in October 2019 for an update to address this problem.

If it's causing you problems sooner than expected, you can turn syncing off with /kaydee autosync disable and then get rid of your current database by deleting ...\World of Warcraft\<VERSION>\WTF\Account\<ACCOUNT_NUMBER>\SavedVariables\Kaydee.lua.

Command Line API

Kaydee supports the following slash commands:

  • /kaydee autosync disable: Configure Kaydee to disable automatically sending syncs and receiving syncs
  • /kaydee autosync enable: Configure Kaydee to re-enable automatically sending syncs and receiving syncs
  • /kaydee help: Print the available slash commands
  • /kaydee history: Show the "Your History" window
  • /kaydee sync: Force a sync to your friends and guildmates


The addon is available in:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish

Corrections to my German and Spanish translations are very welcome.


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