WoW Khadgar’s Junk Drawer – Classic addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Khadgar’s Junk Drawer – Classic

Khadgar’s Junk Drawer – Classic

Game Version: 1.14.1
Total Downloads: 104
Updated: Feb 7, 2023
Created: Nov 30, 2021
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Earlier Versions

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Khadgar's Junk Drawer - Classic (and SoM) release 16.96 KB Feb 7, 2023 1.14.1 36 download Khadgar’s Junk Drawer – Classic Khadgar's Junk Drawer - Classic (and SoM) releaseDownload
Initial Release for SoM release 14.75 KB Nov 30, 2021 1.14.1 68 download Khadgar’s Junk Drawer – Classic Initial Release for SoM releaseDownload



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I found a note inside the junk drawer from Khadgar himself! It reads as follows:


Mighty adventurer,


I see you have found my junk drawer of features that have served me well over the years. Yes, some are worthless, but I’ll leave that value up to you! Do me a favor as you take possession of these; share them with others. Any bit of assistance can help us all defeat the enemy! Here is a description of the features:


The Magic of Emotes–

This passive feature will return an emote for an emote given. You can set it to where when someone slaps you, you belch, or if someone pokes you, you fart, etc. You can set it up to your heart’s desire. This is a fun feature, and sometimes people get confused when my character does a /belch after someone /thanks mine. This can sometimes throw enough confusion at the enemy for a quick getaway!


Goblin Translator–

This passive feature checks for incoming SAY or YELL events from a different language then “translates” it immediately using a modifiable library of quotes. This is a translation simulator created by Goblins for comedic purposes. There have been many times my translator would go off because someone spoke in a different language, and the other adventurers were laughing. This too can distract the enemy since it “translates” what they say as well. (Note: Since the SendChatMessage function was changed, your reply/translation will be in “emote” form).


T’is but a flesh wound!–

When your health drops below 60%, 50%, 40%, and 30%, you emote quotes from the encounter between King Arthur and the Black Knight. 


Dungeon Levels–
If someone in the guild types a ? immediately followed by the abbreviation for a dungeon, then you will automatically reply with the levels for that dungeon. Example, if someone types “?LBRS” in guild chat, you will reply with “You can enter Lower Blackrock Spire at level 48, but levels 55 through 60 are recommended.” If someone types “?LEVELS” into guild chat, it lists the abbreviations. Example:

Someone types in “/guild ?LEVELS”

You would reply in guild with “Dungeon short texts are: BFD,STOCKS,GNOMER,RFK,SM,RFD,ULDA,ZF,MARA,ST,BRD,LBRS,UBRS,DME,DMW,DMN,SCHOLO, and STRAT. Type ? followed by a short text. Example ?gnomer”


Experience Emote–
When your character gets experience, it will automatically perform an emote. the default is “flex”. You can change the experience emote by typing in “/expemote” followed by the emote you want. Example:

/expemote guffaw

This will make your character do a guffaw emote after every mob killed that yields experience, or after a quest turn-in.

If you just type in /expemote, it will tell you what the current experience emote is set to.


Raid Command Functions—-

/rwf      This will place blame on a random person in your raid for a wipe. LOLZZ

/rdf       This will place blame for the death of your targeted dead player on some random player within the raid.

/rafk     This will let the raid know who is AFK

/rr         This will let the raid know who has what roles

/niz       This will tell you who is NOT in the zone of the person targeted

/rl         This will list raid member levels and group them by class


Group Command Functions—-

/gwf      This will place blame on a random person in your group for a wipe. tahehe

/gdf       This will place blame for the death of your targeted dead player on some random player within the group.



This may not seem like a lot, but I’ll tell you that these have helped get me out of a few binds.


Peace and the gods be with you!




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