WoW KPack Addon Collection – WotLK addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon KPack Addon Collection – WotLK

KPack Addon Collection – WotLK

Game Version: 3.3.5
Total Downloads: 750
Updated: May 15, 2022
Created: May 15, 2022
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Earlier Versions

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KPack – Lots-In-One AddOn Collection!

Currently, this pack contains 71 modules in a single addon, some of them are from existing addons (credits to all their respective authors) and some are completely custom made.

I have been collecting these modules over the last years, randomly and just including them within the TOC file until I decided to organize everything in a better way.

Most of the modules/addons required lots of rewritting and others really needed to be rewrote from the ground up, keeping the concept but with different code.

Most of the modules have either slash commands or config panels, they can be enabled or disabled but there are some that don’t have an option to toggle them, so, if there is a module that you don’t want to use, simply comment its line out in the Load.xml file or delete its file within the Modules folder.

How to install

  1. Download the package.
  2. Unpack the Zip file.
  3. Copy (or drag and drop) KPack folder into you Wow-Directory\Interface\AddOns.
  4. Restart WoW
  5. Enjoy!


01. SpeedyLoad:

Speedy Load disables certain events during loading screens to drastically improve loading times.

02. BlizzBugsSuck

  • Fixes issues with UI dropdowns and interface option.
  • Fixes minimap ping.
  • Fixes annoying SendAddonMessage that spams “your are not in a party”, “you are not in a guild”…
  • Attempts to fix the addon blocked taint issue.
  • Removes the Escape closing of certain dialogs: Resurrect, Invites, Summon, Too many errors …
  • Fixes the xml error that says “UNKNOWN” role …
  • Adds a timer bar for RDF or BGs popup.
  • Make the World Map scale at 75% and removes the dark background.

03. ActioBars:

Allows to modify lots of things regarding your action bars and UI: scale, dark ui (similar to Lorti UI), automatic pixel perfect mode, range check, hide gryphons, hotkeys and macros opacity, stacked bars and mouseover mode for right bars.

04. AddOns Manage:

A simple lightweight module that allows you to manage your addons, just like ACP but in a more simple way.

05. AFK Box:

A small window that shows whenever you go AFK with a timer showing for how long you were AFK and a I'm Back button.

06. Align:

Just like the Align addon, it draws a grid on your screen allowing you to position your stuff.

07. AllStats

If you’re not familiar with the actual addon, this hide the stats below your character and instead displays them on a foldable window next to your character frame.

08. AltTabber:

Allows you to play with the game muted and it will always play Raid Warning, Ready Check and RDF or BGs popup sounds.

09. Automate:

Like its name says, it automats lots of things for you in the game:

  • Auto ignore duels.
  • Auto skip quest gossip.
  • Auto sell junk.
  • Auto display/hide nameplates in or out of combat.
  • Auto repair equipments (using guild bank gold or your own gold).
  • Auto uiScale.
  • Auto max camera zoom out.
  • Auto screenshots on achievements.
  • Stack buying from vendors when holding ALT.
  • Mouseover keybins to use raid icons.

10. BlizzMove:

Allows you to move all frames using the right mouse button.

11. BuffFrame:

Styles your buffs frames and gives you the possibility to customize it.

12. ChatFilter:

Allows you to add key words to a list of filtered words. If those words are encountered on your chat windows, the messages will not be shown.

13. ChatMods:

Customizes your chat windows, make them resizable to whichever size you want, movable to the edge, it hides buttons, it allows you to copy URLs and if you double click on a window tab it opens the copy window that allows you to copy the chat.

14. ClassColor:

Colors players on your friends list, guild members, who list by class. It also colorize their location green if there are where you are.

15. CloseUp:

A complete tweak for the Dressing Room, allowing you to rotate, zoom in, zoom out or move character.
It even allows you to test items on your targets as long as they are players.

16. CombatLogFix:

If you are familiar with the combatlog fix macro or addon, this is a slightly enhanced version, giving you the choice to customize how and when the combatlog should be fixed.

17. CombatText:

It’s just xCT integrated as a module.

18. CombatTime:

A module that records combat times. That’s all. You can choose to use its own frame or use the built-in clock. Up to you.

19. Cooldowns:

This is the extremely lightweight version of OmniCC, call it MicroCC.

20. ErrorFilter:

Allows you to hide the error frame if it annoys you.

21. EnhancedColourPicker:

Makes the color picker kind of advanced, with the possiblity to type in values, copy & paste … etc.

22. EnhancedStackSplit:

I love this one. It allows you split your stacks with a single button. Handy for people distrubuting flasks and stuff during raids 😉

23. FriendsInfo:

Simply displays your friends list notes in tooltips.

24. GearScoreLite:

THe addon was integrated within the addon. It just shows the GearScore on tooltips and stuff. You know what the addon does.

25. IgnoreMore:

Allows you to ignore more than 20 players, which is the client’s limit. You can set notes to why you blocked those players and the best part is that those players will be ignored per account.

26. Improved Loot Frame:

The loot frame sucks! It only shows 3 items and then you will have to scroll to next page and back. With this module, the loot frame changes height to how many items it contains, so no more paging thing.

27. ItemLevel:

Adds the item level number to equipments and inspect window. It also shows the average item levels of players your hover (as long as they are in inspect range).

28. Lookup:

It allows you to search for items or spells. Example: /lookup spell Defile. Easy!

29. Loot Message Filter

During raids, people are looting everyting and if you have loot chat enabled, you will spammed AF. With this module, set the threshold and enjoy seeing only what you limited. For example, if you choose to display only blues, whatever below won’t be displayed.

30. LynStats:

Shows your latencty, fps, addons memory, mail and clock. Configuration is inside the file.

31. Math:

A simple slash calculator allowing you to execute math operation in-game. Form example: /math 5.5.

32. MoveAnything:

Integrated as a module. You should know what this addon is.
It allows you to move UI frames wherever you want.

33. Minimap Module:

It makes your minimap square, it hides useless buttons and gives you 2 menues (right-click and middle-click). It even allows you to move the minimap.

34. Nameplates:

Made to look just like ElvUI. Lightweight, minimalist and all its config is in the file.

35. Personal Resources:

Just like retail, it is a bar that shows your HP and Power. Scalable, movable, and can be shown/hidden in or out of combat.

36. PullnBreak:

A module that I made for myself because I don’t use DBM, I use BigWigs and it doesn’t have a pull command. The good thing about it is that it send message to DBM people so they can see the pull timer. /pull 10.

37. QuickButton:

This module needs a bit for work. It is an extra button that can be moved around, resized, keybound .. etc, it allows you to cast certain spells depending on the class. Right-click on the button to select the target (friendly), then click or use the keybind. Spells are: MD, ToT, Hysteria, Fear Ward, Vigilence, Innervate, Hand of Sacrifice..etc

38. Raid Tabs:

Simple module that adds tabs to raid brower, BG or RDF windows, allowing you to switch between them.

39. SimpleComboPoints:

Highly customizable combo point module for rogues and druids.

40. Simplified:

Adds lots of slash commands, shortcut to lots of other functions.

41. SnowfallKeyPress:

Added as a module as well. It allows you to cast your spells on key down instead of on key up.

42. SlashIn:

It can be useful in certain situation. It delays macros, that’s all. It doesn’t work for protected function such use, cast, target … etc. Example: /in 5 /y Hello There: in 5sec it yells Hello.

43. ID:

Adds spell, item, quest and achievement IDs to tooltips.

44. Tooltip Module:

Enhanced the tooltip and allows your to scale it, hide it in combat, move it to top center of the screen … etc

45. TradeTabs:

Just like RaidTabs, this adds tabs for your profession windows. When you open any profession window, you will see tabs to its right, allows you to switch to another profession window quickly. Bonus: Fire camp.

46. UnitFrames:

Enhanced default UnitFrames, movable, resizable ..etc.

47. TargetPercent:

Show your target and focus health percentage above their unit frames. If you enable percentage display on Nameplates module, the target’s percentage will be hidden.

48. Viewporter:

Just like its name says, it changes your game’s viewport, allowing you to put stuff outside of it.

49. Molinari:

Molinari was made to aid the player in processing various items throughout the game. As an example: when you’d want to mill herbs, you would normally cast Milling and then click the item in your bags. With Molinari, you simply hold down the Alt key and click the item directly.

50. Death Recap

Adds a button to the death dialog that shows you the last 5 events prior to your death, with extra details.

51. Raid Utility:

This module provides 4 tools (more to come):

Raid Control Menu

This provides few buttons that you can use ad raid leader/assist. From disbanding, converting, assigning main and off tank and doing Ready Check.

Loot Method

Allows you to set loot methods for the party or the raid as well and the loot threshold. It will automatically handle chaning the loot method for you.

Paladin Auras

A simple module that allows you to track paladin auras as well as Aura Mastery. You can customize it the want you want.

Sunder Armor

A simple Sunder Armor tracker/counter that allows you as well to report the result to party/raid. Also customizable.

Raid Cooldowns

A lightweight and customizable raid cooldowns tracker.

52. Raid Target Icons:

If you don’t know an addon called SimpleRaidTargetIcons, it’s an addon that opens a ring menu above units, allowing you to set icons. You can double click or CTLR+Click to open the menu. More settings can be found inside the file.

53. Combuctor

Combuctor is a bag replacement addon (module for KPack) designed to help the player find items as quickly and as easily as possible, while still feeling part of the default interface.

54. ActionBarSaver

Allows you to setup different profiles for your action bars. Mainly this is for hybrid classes that want to be able to respec without spending 10-20 minutes setting their action bars up.

55. RaidBrowser

This module replaces the unused (in 3.3.5a) LFR tab in the social menu with a working raid finder.

56. Castbars

Castbars is a lightweight, efficient and easy to use enhancement of the Blizzard castbars, including both the Player/Vehicle Castbar, the Pet Castbar and the Mirror Timerbars.

57. TellMeWhen

Provides visual, auditory, and textual notifications about cooldowns, buffs, and pretty much every other element of combat.

58. Binder

Allows you to save your current keybinds as profile that you can load whenever you want.

59. LiveStream

This module is a clone of StreamBuddy addon and is meant for streamers.

After setting your channel link, your message and the broadcast duration, choose where you want to send the message and you’re good to go.

You can either use the button to start or use the slash commands /stream start and /stream stop.

Note: to avoid accidental broadcast on login, the status of the broadcast is only saved per session, so if you were broadcasting your channel link and you relog/reload, it will stop and you will have to start again.

60. Postal

You can read more about the original addon on AddonsWoW

61. Halion Helper

Provides a clearer visual display of the Corporeality buff during phase 3 of the Halion encounter in Ruby Sanctum.

62. Reflux

A small lightweight profile manager. Its goal it to allow you to quickly switch all your addon profiles in one fair swoop. For addons that don’t support profiles it emulates a profile. All emulations are done by the user and none come pre-configured out of the box. The user chooses if they wish to emulate a profile for any addon. Emulation is not needed for any addon that uses Ace2/3DB as profiles are built in.

63. Bubblicious

See Original AddOn

64. GarbageProtector

Intercepts irresponsible collectgarbage calls to prevent chunky lockups and freezes.

Some WoW addons call the lua collectgarbage function irresponsibly, causing all execution to halt until it is finished. This can take more than half a second, which freezes the game in an annoying manner. Most addons don’t need to make such calls, but some do anyway, causing these lockups.

Read more

65. Auto Track

AutoTrack is a module that automatically changes the tracking method depending on the creature type of your current target. It is a module for all hunters who spec’d into Improved Tracking.

66. Borders Colors

This is a clone of Colored Inventory Items from Retail-Classic and adds colorized border items for:

  • Character frame.
  • Inspect frame.
  • Bags items.
  • Bank items.
  • Vendor frame.
  • Trade Skills frame.

67. Virtual Plates

Nameplates are hard to look at. They fill your screen and make an absolute mess when you’re fighting lots of mobs. This module gives them depth, so they fit into the game world instead of covering it.

68. Dark Mode

This module not only allows you to darken UI just like LortiUI, but also allows you to color it per class and have settings stored per account or per character.

69. Enhanced Colour Picker

Adds Copy and Paste Functions to the ColorPicker and more.

70. Enhanced Stack Split

Enhances the StackSplitFrame with numbered Buttons, a ‘1-Click Mode’ and a ‘Auto Split Mode’.

71. AddOnSkins

This module is only for ElvUI users, it assures all things that are added by this pack are properly skinned by ElvUI.


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