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Game Version: 3.3.5
Total Downloads: 1,452
Updated: May 15, 2022
Created: Sep 10, 2019
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Earlier Versions

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0.5.5b beta 54.40 KB May 15, 2022 3.3.5 848 download KRaidTools 0.5.5b betaDownload



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Available Modules:

  • Master Loot
  • Raid Warnings
  • MS Changes
  • LFM Spam
  • Loot History



Almost all modules are described either on their images or on this page.


  • Easy to use Master Loot module with the possibility to roll items right at looting or later by dragging them from your bags onto the item icon button.
  • Simple to use Raid Warnings module that allows you to store as many messages as you want and retrieve them on any character you play on (same account). You can announce warnings by using the provided announce button or using the module’s slash commands (if you want to use macros).
  • Easy LFM spammer that will facilitate pugging your raids.
  • MS Changes modules that allow you to store your raid main spec changes before you start then spam them whenever you want, using the provided buttons or commands (useful if you want to use macros).
  • Light and simple loot history that will automatically track all the loot of the raid (ONLY if set on Master Loot and you are the master looter) or manually add them. You can even export it if you want to use it externally.


Note: For the next release, the database structure will be changed for a better raids, loot and players tracking (upcoming loot history).


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