WoW KrapLoot addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
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Game Version: 1.13.5
Total Downloads: 83
Updated: Nov 2, 2020
Created: May 4, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 3.21 KB Nov 2, 2020 1.13.5 10 download KrapLoot releaseDownload release 3.55 KB Sep 17, 2020 1.13.5 25 download KrapLoot releaseDownload beta 3.36 KB May 13, 2020 1.13.4 41 download KrapLoot betaDownload alpha 3.21 KB Jul 3, 2020 1.13.4 7 download KrapLoot alphaDownload


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PSA: As I have no interest in WoW anymore, I will not be maintaining and updating this add-on. Consider 1.13.5 the last update.

There is no reason the add-on will break, it will simply show up as outdated at the next game version. GLHF



I present to you: KrapLoot, your go-to add-on for getting rid of all those pesky loot windows during a ZG/AQ run and a handful of open-world drops..

It supports Bijou, Coins, Bloodvine, Demonic/Dark Rune and Abyssal Crest/Signet.

It's incredibly lightweight as it only affects those items.



Use the handy App!


Manual Installation: 

Just drop the "KrapLoot" folder into your "AddOns"-folder, depending on where you installed it: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\AddOns\ 



You can toggle the options using the GUI under Interface Options > Add-ons > KrapLoot

If you prefer to use slash-commands, don't let me stop you:


You can use /krap/kl or /kraploot interchangeably.

e.g. To turn on passing on Bloodvine(s), type /kl bloodvine

Show current configuration



Toggle auto-greed Coin/Bijou

/krap bijou [0|1]
/krap coin [0|1]


Toggle auto-pass on <item>

/krap bloodvine [0|1]
/krap demonicrune [0|1]
/krap darkrune [0|1]
/krap abyssalcrest [0|1]
/krap abyssalsignet [0|1]



– Add Twilight Cultist Outfit

– Add optinal pass depending on rarity (e.g. Greed on all greens)

– Allow choice between need/greed/pass for all items

– Implement dropdown menu in GUI

– Keep track of who has to loot the Core Hound so it becomes skinnable


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