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Game Version: 2.5.1
Total Downloads: 6
Updated: May 23, 2021
Created: May 20, 2021
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Leaderbot (for Burning Crusade Classic) lets raid leaders and raid assistants assign tanks, healers, crowd control, soul stone targets, hunter tranq rotations and more using a tabular interface.


Select a role (such as the “tank” tab), assign tanks to specific raid icons or create a taunt order, then announce the assignments in any chat channel. If the raid leader has leaderbot installed, all raid members using leaderbot will sync assignments (assignments will be read-only unless the user is the leader or an assistant).


Leaderbot includes the following modules (which may enabled/disabled independently):

  • LockLeader – assign soulstone targets/rotation, banish targets, curses and seduction (with customizable warnings for missing/expired soulstones)
  • Healerleader – assign one or more specific raid members or groups to a given healer, assign fortitude and shackle targets (for priests)
  • Tankleader – assign specific raid icons to a tank, or set a tank rotation
  • Mageleader – assign one or more specific raid members or groups for intellect buff targets, assign sheep crowd control duties to specific raid icons
  • Hunterleader – assign hunters to pull specific raid icons, or set a tranq shot rotation order
  • CrowdController – assign raid members with any type of crowd control (Warlocks, druids, hunters, mages, priests and rogues) to specific raid icons


For the tank and healer modules, members are assigned to the modules based on their classes. For example, druids, priests, and pallies will be displayed on the Healerleader tab regardless of their spec since you may be allocating a feral druid as an emergency/backup healer. If you don’t intend for that druid to actually heal, simply select “none” as its heal target.


Assignments can be announced in chat, to /raid, /group, or to any custom channel (such as a “healer team” custom channel).


Customizable alerts notify you when a soulstone target is missing the soulstone, or when a warlock, healer or tank goes offline. All popup alerts can be disabled in the options.


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