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LFG StopWatch

Game Version: 6.1.0
Total Downloads: 1,496
Updated: Jun 11, 2015
Created: Oct 10, 2013
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
LFG_Stopwatch v1.1.3 Release release 153.54 KB Jun 11, 2015 6.1.0 718 download LFG StopWatch LFG_Stopwatch v1.1.3 Release releaseDownload
LFG_Stopwatch v1.1.2 Release release 153.47 KB Jun 7, 2015 6.1.0 64 download LFG StopWatch LFG_Stopwatch v1.1.2 Release releaseDownload
LFG_Stopwatch v1.0 Release release 72.97 KB Oct 11, 2013 5.4.0 549 download LFG StopWatch LFG_Stopwatch v1.0 Release releaseDownload
LFG_Stopwatch v1.1.1 RC1 beta 153.09 KB Jun 1, 2015 6.1.0 91 download LFG StopWatch LFG_Stopwatch v1.1.1 RC1 betaDownload
LFG_Stopwatch v1.1 Beta beta 152.36 KB May 29, 2015 6.1.0 74 download LFG StopWatch LFG_Stopwatch v1.1 Beta betaDownload


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I have uploaded V1.1.2 as Released.Its been a long time since i have updated "LFG_StopWatch" as a Release build.

I'm now uploading any big changes as beta from now on till i feel its ready for everyone to use.

If there is a issue please open a Ticket on AddonsWoW.

LFG Stop Watch

LFG Stop Watch or LFGSW for short is a simple addon that starts the wow's built in Stop Watch when entering a LFG Instance (LFD/LFR).

When the instance is done it will state in instance chat "Time taken to complete this dungeon/raid: 0h:0m:0s".

Time Log

The Time Log feature records the best time you have finished the instance and how many times you have completed the instance.

It keeps track off all dungeons from classic to wod.

Note:Some instances share the same mapID like both Stratholme: Main Gate and Stratholme: Service Entrance effect the Stratholme entry.
Dire Maul: Capital Gardens,Dire Maul: Gordock Commons, and Dire Maul: Warpwood Quarter effect the Dire Maul entry.
There may be more classic dungeons that share the same mapID.

"Dungeon Name": The name of the dungeon.

"Current Time" Your current best time.

"Old Time" Your previous best time.

"Times Completed" How many times you have completed that instance.


  • StopWatch Start Delay Set the start delay to shortest time possible for the most accurate time. Default is 15 secs.
    The reason for this is if there isn't a delay and the timer would start when your in the loading screen the stopwatch time would be off(The stopwatch seems to run faster while loading). So get the delay low enough so the stopwatch starts when your able to move.
  • Enable Lfg Stopwatch If On it will start the stopwatch when entering a lfg. If Off it will not start the stopwatch.Default is on. (chat command /lfgsw will toggle this too great for a macro)
  • Enable the 'Time it took to complete this dungeon' message: If checked it will enable the message that is sent to instance chat at the end of the dungeon. Default: Enabled.
  • Hide StopWatch Time Log Minimap Icon: If checked it will hide the MiniMap icon, if you want still want to see the TIme Log use the /lfgswtime chat command.

Chat Commands

/lfgsw – Enable or disable the stopwatch will print in chat "LFGSW On" or "LFGSW Off" when it is turned on or off

/lfgswtime Shows the LFG_StopWatch Time Log.

Stuff To Know

The stopwatch will not reset as long as your still in the LFG party. Once the instance is done the stopwatch will pause and close, when you leave the instance the stopwatch will reset . If you leave the instance early the stopwatch will reset and close.

I assume dieing and releasing the loading screens would cause the Stopwatch run faster like the issue if it started while loading into the instance
I am thinking of a way to stop this. Most likely pause the stopwatch when you release then start it again when your back in the instance. Still figuring this out.

Any other addon that uses WoW's built in stopwatch while in a instance (like a addon the starts the stopwatch when pulling a boss) will most likely cause issues.


LFG StopWatch made by: Thoughts of Glought


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