WoW LibMVC addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon LibMVC


Game Version: 7.2.0
Total Downloads: 362
Updated: Jun 1, 2017
Created: May 7, 2017
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.0 release 6.34 KB Jun 1, 2017 7.2.0 281 download LibMVC 1.0 releaseDownload
r17-alpha alpha 5.84 KB Sep 4, 2017 7.3.0 47 download LibMVC r17-alpha alphaDownload
r14-alpha alpha 6.16 KB Jun 1, 2017 7.2.0 13 download LibMVC r14-alpha alphaDownload
r13-alpha alpha 5.86 KB May 31, 2017 7.2.0 9 download LibMVC r13-alpha alphaDownload
LibMVC-1.0 alpha 5.41 KB May 11, 2017 7.2.5 +1 12 download LibMVC LibMVC-1.0 alphaDownload


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LibMVC is a simple implementation of the MVC pattern.


The goal of this library is to provide an easy way to manage views (= frames defined in XML) via

The Model part, which is supposed to provide the data to the controller is up to the developer,
but in a way similar to AngularJS, it is possible to define services, and to inject them into the controller.


Detailed examples can be found in examples.lua & examples.xml


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