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Library for Executive Assistant

Game Version: 6.2.4
Total Downloads: 2,113
Updated: Jul 2, 2016
Created: Jul 2, 2016
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ExecutiveAssistant_libExecAssistExample_v1.13 release 155.08 KB Jul 2, 2016 6.2.4 2,113 download Library for Executive Assistant ExecutiveAssistant_libExecAssistExample_v1.13 releaseDownload


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A library for interacting with Executive Assistant (0.9.9m or Later) [Download]

This demonstration package contains the embeddable libExecAssist-1.0 library, documentation on its usage, and an addon that provides both some demonstration and some additional, perhaps even useful, information regarding Executive Assistant.

The library is intended for both authors who may wish to use Executive Assistant as an additional notification platform and enterprising users who may wish to put Executive Assistant to their own, highly-personalized uses.

The library is developed in conjunction with the Intern Module series and contains some minimal housekeeping functions outside those of a typical library (e.g., debuggers, messaging, etc).

Library Features

  • Create, Edit, Delete Groups and Tasks
  • Get and Set a Task's Completed State
  • Get state-information (Active and Available) about Groups and Tasks
  • Use Executive Assistant style messaging

Additional tools include an Iterator that lets you search through the mass of Groups and Tasks and two functions (isGroup() and isTask()) to quickly tell Group IDs from Task IDs without additional lookup. Other items are described in the library and the Demonstrator.

Demonstrator Addon Features

The Demonstrator provides examples of each library function's use and notes on its parameters. This is done by grouping the major functions into 5 categories: Create, Edit, Delete, Completion State, and Active vs Available. Within the demos, the other functions are demonstrated.


While developed in conjunction with the Intern Modules, this library does not provide Intern Module level functionality. It does not allow for Custom Control injection, Click Map registry, Deletion Notification, etc.


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