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Game Version: 9.1.0
Total Downloads: 260,402
Updated: Jun 29, 2021
Created: Nov 13, 2008
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
r23-90100 release 4.70 KB Jun 29, 2021 9.1.0 0 download LibWindow-1.1 r23-90100 releaseDownload
r15-70000 release 4.66 KB Jul 19, 2016 7.0.3 26,868 download LibWindow-1.1 r15-70000 releaseDownload
r12 release 4.64 KB Oct 14, 2014 6.0.2 17,662 download LibWindow-1.1 r12 releaseDownload
r11-50200 release 4.65 KB Mar 10, 2013 5.2.0 20,921 download LibWindow-1.1 r11-50200 releaseDownload
r10-50001 release 4.64 KB Sep 11, 2012 5.0.4 16,597 download LibWindow-1.1 r10-50001 releaseDownload
r9 release 4.67 KB May 26, 2012 4.3.4 13,411 download LibWindow-1.1 r9 releaseDownload
r13-60100 beta 4.69 KB Feb 24, 2015 6.1.0 2,820 download LibWindow-1.1 r13-60100 betaDownload
r6-40100 beta 4.70 KB May 5, 2011 4.1.0 70,074 download LibWindow-1.1 r6-40100 betaDownload
r3 beta 4.61 KB Jan 20, 2009 3.0.3 86,115 download LibWindow-1.1 r3 betaDownload
r22-alpha alpha 4.70 KB Jun 29, 2021 9.1.0 0 download LibWindow-1.1 r22-alpha alphaDownload
r19-alpha alpha 4.62 KB Oct 13, 2020 9.0.1 395 download LibWindow-1.1 r19-alpha alphaDownload
r18-alpha alpha 4.60 KB Sep 7, 2019 7.3.5 511 download LibWindow-1.1 r18-alpha alphaDownload
r17-alpha alpha 4.23 KB Aug 29, 2017 7.3.0 1,242 download LibWindow-1.1 r17-alpha alphaDownload
r15 alpha 4.61 KB Jul 19, 2016 7.0.3 83 download LibWindow-1.1 r15 alphaDownload
r13 alpha 4.64 KB Feb 24, 2015 6.1.0 58 download LibWindow-1.1 r13 alphaDownload
r8 alpha 4.63 KB May 26, 2012 4.1.0 79 download LibWindow-1.1 r8 alphaDownload
r6 alpha 4.65 KB May 5, 2011 4.1.0 138 download LibWindow-1.1 r6 alphaDownload
r5 alpha 4.68 KB Dec 15, 2009 3.3.0 3,087 download LibWindow-1.1 r5 alphaDownload
r4 alpha 4.62 KB Sep 1, 2009 3.2.0 223 download LibWindow-1.1 r4 alphaDownload
r2 alpha 4.52 KB Nov 13, 2008 3.0.3 118 download LibWindow-1.1 r2 alphaDownload



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WindowLib is a small library that takes care of standard “windowy” behavior used in the main frames of many addons, and attempts to do so in a smarter way than the average addon author would find time to do.

  • Save and restore positions: WindowLib will pick the attach point based on which quadrant of the screen the frame is in: top-left? bottom-right? center?
  • Handle window dragging
  • Mouse wheel zooming
  • Only mouse-enabling the window while Alt is held

Why bother?

Because users change their UI scale. Because users like to copy their addon settings from one computer to another (think desktop vs laptop?).

How scaling and positioning works with different approaches

If you absolutely do not want to use LibWindow, then please use its strategy in your code:

  • Save the position in the parent’s scale, not the frame’s own EffectiveScale. This prevents overlaps and gaps when changing scale.
  • Compute the closest screen corner and save relative to your frame’s closest corner, i.e. bottomright-to-bottomright, topleft-to-topleft. This prevents things disappearing off screen.

Example code

lwin = LibStub("LibWindow-1.1")
myframe = CreateFrame("Frame") 

lwin.RegisterConfig(myframe, self.db.profile)
lwin.RestorePosition(myframe)  -- restores scale also

API Documentation

.RegisterConfig(frame, storage[, names])

 local lwin = LibStub("LibWindow-1.1")
 lwin.RegisterConfig(myframe, self.db.profile)

This call initializes a frame for use with LibWindow, and tells it where configuration data lives. Optionally, you can specify the exact names of the variables that will be saved.

Note that if your addon supports profiles (i.e. changing config data live), you’ll need to do a new .RegisterConfig() followed by .RestorePosition() when the profile is changed over.


the frame to enable positioning support for
a table to store configuration in
”(optional)” a table specifying which names to use in the storage table – see below

Manual variable naming

The optional last argument to the function is a table containing name mappings and/or a prefix for all variable names.

Example use – manually specify all variable names:

 names = {
   x = "posx",
   y = "posy",
   scale = "size",
   point = "whereToAttach",

Example use – just prefix most names, but hard-code one

 names = {
   prefix = "myframe",  -- names become e.g. "myframex", "myframey"
   point = "gluemyframe",


Computes which quadrant the frame lives in, and saves its position relative to the right corner.

 myframe:SetScript("OnDragStop", lwin.SavePosition)

You do not need to call this yourself if you used :MakeDraggable() on the frame.


Restores position and scale from configuration data.


.SetScale(frame, scale)

Sets the scale of the frame (without causing it to move, of course) and saves it.

 lwin.SetScale(myframe, myscale)


Adds drag handlers to the frame and makes it movable. Positioning information is automatically stored according to :RegisterConfig().

  • You can of course also handle dragging yourself, in which case you instead call .SavePosition(frame) when dragging is done.
  • If you like, you can manually call .OnDragStart(frame) and .OnDragStop(frame) which do the necessary API calls for you + call .SavePosition(frame).


Only mouse-enables the window while [Alt] is held. This lets users click through the window normally.



Adds mousewheel handlers to the frame, automatically increasing/decreasing scale by 10% per wheel tick and calling .SetScale(myframe) for you.


You can also manually call .OnMouseWheel(frame,dir). This would be of interest if e.g. your addon already uses the mouse wheel for something. I recommend using ctrl as the modifier key for scaling – it is already in use by other addons.


On positioning logic

WindowLib will pick the attach point based on which quadrant of the screen the frame is in: top-left? bottom-right? center?

  • This means that frames do NOT necessarily stay exactly in place when the UI is resized
  • This is a GOOD THING! Much better than static positioning (i.e. frame:GetLeft() * frame:GetEffectiveScale() – which does not do a very good job!)
  • Two frames sitting next to each other when the UI is resized, will ”keep” sitting next to each other with this relative positioning. (For example: Think of how your Bags sit next to each other, regardless of UI scale!)

Adding LibWindow to an existing addon

You will likely have window positioning data saved in your database since before. This data will likely need to be converted before LibWindow will handle it well.

LibWindow remembers position in the parent’s scale. BUT: most addons translate to global scale and save that. This is not compatible unless your UIParent is scale 1.0.

Example old code:

 function MyAddon:SavePosition(frame)
   local p = self.db.profile
   p.x = frame:GetLeft() / frame:GetEffectiveScale()
   p.y = frame:GetTop() / frame:GetEffectiveScale()

Example code to patch the scale for LibWindow use:

 function MyAddon:OnProfileEnable()
   local p = self.db.profile
   if not p.libwindowed then
     p.x = p.x / UIParent:GetScale()
     p.y = p.y / UIParent:GetScale()
     p.libwindowed = true
   -- now it's safe to call .RestorePosition()


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