WoW Lunarsphere – Fan Update addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
wow addon Lunarsphere – Fan Update

Lunarsphere – Fan Update

Game Version: 2.5.2 +2
Total Downloads: 8,251
Updated: Sep 15, 2021
Created: Jul 1, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 689.39 KB Sep 15, 2021 2.5.2 +2 0 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update releaseDownload
LunarSphere - release 673.25 KB Jul 24, 2021 1.13.7 +2 218 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update LunarSphere - releaseDownload
LunarSphere - release 687.50 KB May 27, 2021 1.13.7 +2 346 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update LunarSphere - releaseDownload
LunarSphere Classic 1133-1 release 676.03 KB Dec 28, 2019 1.13.3 1,535 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update LunarSphere Classic 1133-1 releaseDownload
LunarSphere - (1.4.0) release 685.36 KB Jul 27, 2018 8.0.1 1,267 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update LunarSphere - (1.4.0) releaseDownload
Lunarsphere - 1.30 A release 689.88 KB Sep 14, 2016 7.0.3 1,275 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere - 1.30 A releaseDownload
Lunarsphere - 1.26 - Fan Update release 699.01 KB Oct 8, 2015 6.2.2 1,445 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere - 1.26 - Fan Update releaseDownload
Lunarsphere - 1.25 - Fan Update release 696.38 KB Sep 12, 2015 6.2.2 247 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere - 1.25 - Fan Update releaseDownload
Lunarsphere - Fan update (1.24) release 699.42 KB Sep 2, 2015 6.2.2 172 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere - Fan update (1.24) releaseDownload
Lunarsphere - Fan update (1.23) release 699.46 KB Aug 13, 2015 6.2.0 238 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere - Fan update (1.23) releaseDownload
Lunarsphere - Fan Update 1.22 release 695.32 KB Jul 22, 2015 6.2.0 331 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere - Fan Update 1.22 releaseDownload
Lunarsphere - Fan Update - 1.21 release 699.36 KB Jul 17, 2015 6.2.0 91 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere - Fan Update - 1.21 releaseDownload
Lunarsphere release 699.27 KB Jul 1, 2015 6.2.0 261 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere releaseDownload
LunarSphere - 1.42 b2 beta 706.88 KB Jan 23, 2020 8.2.5 142 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update LunarSphere - 1.42 b2 betaDownload
LunarSphere - 1.42 Beta 1 beta 1.04 MB Jan 21, 2020 8.3.0 34 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update LunarSphere - 1.42 Beta 1 betaDownload
LunarSphere - 1.41 beta 718.27 KB Aug 5, 2018 8.0.1 93 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update LunarSphere - 1.41 betaDownload
Lunarsphere 1.30 - Release 1 beta 694.24 KB Aug 15, 2016 7.0.3 195 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere 1.30 - Release 1 betaDownload
Lunarsphere - 1.3.0 Beta3 beta 690.65 KB Aug 8, 2016 7.0.3 134 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere - 1.3.0 Beta3 betaDownload
Lunarsphere 1.30 - Beta 2 beta 690.55 KB Jul 28, 2016 7.0.3 134 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere 1.30 - Beta 2 betaDownload
Lunarsphere 1.30 - Beta beta 762.67 KB Jul 22, 2016 7.0.3 85 download Lunarsphere – Fan Update Lunarsphere 1.30 - Beta betaDownload


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Originaly By: Moongsaze
Taken over by: N3od3ath
Current fix by: Toludin-Stormrage

About LunarSphere

LunarSphere is an all-class version of the popular “sphere” addons that exist for various classes within World of Warcraft.

Details of LunarSphere

When it comes to “sphere” addons, examples that come to mind are the following addons:

Cryolysis (Mage)
HolyHope (Paladin)
Necrosis (Warlock)
Sabella (Rogue)
Serenity (Priest)
Totemus (Shaman)
Venantes (Hunter)

What separates this addon from the other sphere addons listed above is that every button is customizable. When you load up LunarSphere for the first time, you can load up a template for your specific class (Warriors, Druids, and now Death Knights have some sphere addon love) which will contain every spell that your character knows and attach it to the sphere (if you level up and learn new spells, you’ll need to manually add them to the sphere, or, if you never changed your sphere layout, you can just reload the template again).

If you’ve never seen any of these addons, or need to know more about LunarSphere, here you go:


LunarSphere gives you a large sphere on the screen. Around said sphere, you will find 10 buttons that circle around it. These buttons, known as “main buttons,” can take left, middle, and right click assignments to store spells, items, or macros. These buttons can also be turned into menu buttons, allowing an additional 12 buttons per menu button to exist, giving a total of 130 total buttons that you could possibly use, if you desire. The sphere can also function like a button, making the total up to 131 buttons.

Sphere Gauges/Display
The sphere provides up to two gauges (They look like rings or circular bars) that can display certain information such as health, mana, experience, rep, combo points, and more. You can also set text to be displayed on the middle section of the sphere, to also display your health, mana, rep, and more.

The buttons can take actions that to assign them, but there are also special button types that you can assign the the button, such as “Use strongest water,” “Use random epic flying mount,” “Apply best Instant Poison to Main-hand” and more. Some can be seen as specific for certain classes, other button types can be used by all. Lots of “auto bar” type action assignments will happen within LunarSphere, if you assign such actions.

Reagent Restocking
LunarSphere can restock reagents from a custom list you define. Helpful for tailors who constantly need to restock on thread, or rogues you need poisons, hunters with ammo, priests with candles, and more.

Random Speeches
The random speeches that were trademark of most sphere addons? Yeah, LunarSphere can do that too. The addon comes pre-loaded with a few speeches for your mounts and for resurrecting people, but the sky is the limit since you can create your own speeches and assign them to items and spells that are used. Great for roleplayers, great for people who want to annoy their raid, or make them laugh.

LunarSphere lets you skin the buttons with over 38 circular button skins and any color tinting you want to apply to them. LunarSphere was built to be customizable to fit most, if not all interfaces, no matter the color or design.

… and more
Tooltip handling and coloring, junk item selling, bank restocking, user interface object hiding (such as the action bar artwork, the main menu buttons, the mini-map zoom buttons, and more), and more can be handled by LunarSphere. If you want to use it as a full action bar replacement, you can hide all the action bars, assign the menu buttons and bag opening features to LunarSphere buttons, and clean up your screen.

Memory management
A lot of the extra bells and whistles of LunarSphere can be disabled so that it doesn’t tie up lots of memory. In fact, with all features running, LunarSphere runs on about 850kb of memory and can replace between 3 and 10 addons, depending on the features used.

Lastly, LunarSphere was made to last. When new drinks, food, potions, mounts, bandages and more are added to World of Warcraft, LunarSphere will usually pick up those new items without a version update. When new spells come out, you can just add them to your sphere just like dragging a spell from your spellbook to an action bar. That’s some of the power and flexibility that LunarSphere provides, so that the only time you need to update LunarSphere will be for bells and whistle feature updates or bug fixes, but never so that you can finally use your new spell.

User Manual and various help that might be needed

I have a website setup for LunarSphere, as well as all my other project. It can be found at and with it there are FAQs, a User Manual, forums and more to help you out and to help me out, since responding to people from various sites is easier at one central location.

LunarSphere can be overwhelming at first. Lots of beta testers who helped with the project have said that after getting used to it, LunarSphere became really easy to setup and use, and they loved the power it provides.

Bug Reporting, Feature Requests, Comments and More

I would prefer comments on LunarSphere to be made on the LunarSphere website, but if you must, you can mention stuff here as well. I’ll probably be a lot more open to things on the forums, though… =)For all those who have waited patiently …

Warlords of Dreanor Fix by Shaun Voysey

I have modified Lunarsphere so that it works with Warlords.

3 Days Banging my Head in try to fix this. Most seemed ok, but Manastone no longer exists
and Healthstone now down to one. And why is it always the Mount system thats the pain…
I have also added a Strider menu as well as a Random favourite.
I have also removed the poisons menus as they have not worked in a while.

Lunarspere is currently working.

Battle for Azeroth Fix by Toludin-Stormrage

LunarSphere should once again be working in BfA. There may still be some kinks and bugs, so please feel free to report anything either here in comments, or at Thanks!


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