WoW Macro Updater addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
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Macro Updater

Game Version: 10.0.5
Total Downloads: 7
Updated: Mar 4, 2023
Created: Mar 3, 2023
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Provide command that self-updates macro with target specified.
Macro conditionals guid is here.

1. Hot to Use

Macro for pvp player (arena or bg)

  • When you right-click on the macro, @arenaX in macro will be replaced by @arena(X+1). * arena1, arena2, arena3, arena1, …

/stopmacro [btn:2]
/use [@arena1,exists][]spell

Macro for party or raid member

  • When you right-click on the macro, @xxxx in macro will be replaced by @yyyy.

/stopmacro [btn:2]
/use [@xxxx,exists][]spell

2. Tips

Detailed Specifications

  • /mu or /macroupdater commands work only when right-clicked.
  • These commands cannot stop the macro, so /stopmacro [btn:2] is required immediately after them.
  • If “@arenaX” exists inside the macro, increment the value of X by 1. (1, 2, 3, 1, …)
  • If “@arenaX” not exists inside the macro, all “@xxx” are changed current target player name. (“target=xxx” is not changed)
  • If “@arenaX” not exists inside the macro, fill in the end of the macro with spaces to prevent malfunctions.

BG and “@arenaX” macro

  • While in BG, “@arenaX” is treated as important enemy. * ex. Flag carrier.
  • The cyclone sample described below avoids this problem by using [@raid6,exists];.

3. Sample


/stopmacro [btn:2]
/use [@raid6,exists];[@arena1,harm,nodead]Cyclone
/use [@focus,harm,nodead][]Cyclone


/stopmacro [btn:2]
/use [noknown:29166]Regrowth;[help,nodead,group:raid][target=player,spec:4,nogroup:raid][nodead,exists,@YourHealer][target=player]Innervate


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