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Game Version: 7.3.5
Total Downloads: 1,637
Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Created: Mar 9, 2018
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Rework of ZoneLevelInfo by DJarv.

A big thanks for writing this awesome Addon!



Due to the API changes of WoW Patch 8.0.1, some used API functions are no longer part of the WoW API so i can't update this addon for 8.0.1 🙁





This addon only work with original map.




Example of text shown as level 16 hovering over Dun Morogh with "Pet" info enabled:

See images for more examples.




v2.1.6 – Updated due to include latest zone scaling changes.


v2.1.4 – Updated for LEGION.


v2.0.0 – System now runs off MapIDs so should work for all regions the same for map namings.
Do let me know if you can help out with any locale text I don't have.
Thanks for your patience with me getting this out, has been a relatively big update for the addon.




Level ranges, zone names and place names are placed in the top left of the main map as you hover over zones.

Also includes pet level (world PvE pet-battle) ranges per zone (optional, default on).
This replaces the standard white map text.

Level colours change from red to grey depending on your level.
Will also highlight if it is a Horde or Alliance levelling zone, as well as PvP combat zones.
Useful for picking your next levelling zone.
Legion ready.
Simple, thin client. No mess.


2.0.0 should work on the zone names for all languages as it runs from MapIDs.
Locales with modified extra texts: enUS (enGB), deDE, esES (esMX), frFR, ptBR (ptPT), ruRU, zhTW.
Help text still only in English I'm afraid.
Big thanks to contributors on previous versions -> Language Credits




Text size range available: 10-24 (default is 22).
Amend the text size and other options with the slash command:

  • /mli (show options and settings)
  • /mli size 18 (set size 18)
  • /mli outline (toggle text outline)
  • /mli zone (toggles full information shown when on zone zoom-level)
  • /mli pet (toggles wild pet levels for battles)
  • /mli toggle (enables/disables MapLevelInfo for the current session)
  • /mli default (reset to default: size:22; outline:ON; zone:ON; pet:ON; toggle:ON)




Hidden advanced options "/mli scale", "/mli indentX", "/mli indentY" for expert users to tweak to their UI addons have been added in 1.4.5.

I do not recommend you change nor do I support the results of changing these values which are by default 100 (percent), 75 and 50 respectively.

"/mli default" will reset these hidden option values as well if you make a mess.


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