WoW MapPinEnhanced addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2022
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Game Version: 9.1.0
Total Downloads: 1,894
Updated: Aug 24, 2021
Created: Jan 30, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.6 release 272.20 KB Aug 24, 2021 9.1.0 57 download MapPinEnhanced 1.6 releaseDownload
1.5 release 271.25 KB Jul 5, 2021 9.1.0 670 download MapPinEnhanced 1.5 releaseDownload
1.4 release 271.26 KB Jul 5, 2021 9.1.0 31 download MapPinEnhanced 1.4 releaseDownload
1.3 release 270.99 KB Jun 30, 2021 9.1.0 138 download MapPinEnhanced 1.3 releaseDownload



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MapPinEnhanced is adding a lot of features to enhance the built in Blizzard MapPins.

This addon is a simple extension to the Blizzard UI to have more possibilites while using the ingame navigation system.

 MapPinEnhanced offers the following features:

  • Set as many waypoints as you want (no “one-waypoint” limit)
  • Set waypoints via command (additionally to the Ctrl-LeftClick)
  • A PinTracker to see a list of all the pins
  • Use the importbox to import multiple waypoints at once

Additionally there are following chat commands:

  • /mph pintracker: Toggle the pintracker
  • /mph removeall: Remove all pins
  • /mph import: Open the importbox
  • /mph minimap: Toggle the minimapbutton

The slash commands work very similar to TomTom and support the following three prefixes /way, /pin or /mph.


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