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MDT Guide

Game Version: 8.3.0
Total Downloads: 2,428
Updated: Jan 14, 2020
Created: Jan 1, 2020

Earlier Versions

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Allows to turn the Method Dungeon Tools interface into a compact view, as well as some added features to keep track of pulls during a dungeon run.


Compact view for Method Dungeon Tools

Turn the MDT interface into a compact window, showing only the map and list of pulls.


Automatically zoom to pulls

Zoom to pulls when clicking on them in the pull list. Also automatically zoom to the current/next pull based on your planed route and current enemy forces.

Color dead enemies and next pull

Color dead enemies and your current/next pull differently so you can better distinguish them in the heat of battle.



This project is fully open-source and the source code can be found on GitLab.


The addon is in beta right now, so very much WIP. That means some things probably won't work as they should.


Please create a new entry on the issue tracker if you encounter any bugs. You can also post little things here in the comments.

Planed features

Some things I want to add in the future:

  • Path prediction: Right now it's all based on your planed route and the current enemy forces value. This has some limitations, e.g. it stops working properly if you deviate from the path. In the future I want to track every EF kill and estimate the route you took based on that.
  • Options: Everything is fixed right now, but there should be options for most things, e.g. window size and enemy coloring.

Let me know if you have something that would be useful to have during a dungeon run.


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