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Game Version: 2.5.4
Total Downloads: 67
Updated: Jun 8, 2022
Created: May 22, 2022
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Mercho - v1.0 - release 7.79 KB Jun 8, 2022 2.5.4 1 download Mercho Mercho - v1.0 - releaseDownload
Mercho - v1.0 - release 7.79 KB Jun 8, 2022 9.2.5 2 download Mercho Mercho - v1.0 - releaseDownload release 7.14 KB May 22, 2022 9.2.0 64 download Mercho releaseDownload



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Aside from auto-selling your junk and repairing your gear your gear for you automatically; Mercho remembers each and every vendor you’ve visited, as well as their list of goods. It includes a ‘Find’ feature that allows you locate that thing you need, that that one guy sells, that you swear you saw that one time. 🙂


  • Auto-Repair

Any time you open a vendor that repairs, that repair button will automatically be clicked for you. Effortlessly, keeping your gear in tip-top shape!

  • Auto-Junk

Any visit to the vendor will automatically unload all of your [Gray] or junk items. Saving you and your expensive gaming mouse countless right-clicks! There’s even a feature to ignore any junk that you swear is NOT junk!

  • Vendor GPS

Search for items, even if you can’t remember the entire name. Just use the ‘find’ command to locate any vendor that sells it. Complete with distance and bearing precise enough even for Brann Bronzebeard’s standards. Thus, eliminating cumbersome and time-consuming internet searches!

  • Tooltips

Know at a glance if items are available from vendors you’ve met. And, know WHERE when you press a mod key! (shift, alt, ctrl)

  • Classic Support

Also works in TBC! (Not tested in CLASSIC yet.)

Slash Commands

Usage: /mercho <command> [etc]

<> are <required> parameters, and [] are [optional]
  • /mercho

Typing /mercho with nothing else will show your options settings (saved per character).

  • help [command]

Provides detailed information about the various commands available for use.

  • find <item name | item link>

Locate vendors that sell the given item. Suggestions will be made if an exact match is not found. Results are sorted into 1) ‘Nearby’ – the same map, 2) ‘Farwaway’ – the same continent, and 3) ‘Distant’ – a different continent. The item link, vendor name, location, distance in yards, and general direction are all returned.

  • loc

Updates the currently open vendor’s location. Due to UI restrictions an NPC’s XYZ location is blocked. Therefore, the position stored for the vendor is based on the player’s current position. Stand EXACTLY on the vendor with their window open and use this command. I added this because it bothered me that the vendor’s locations weren’t PERFECT. Now they can be.

  • repair [on | off]

Toggles auto-repair on and off. Optionally, you can force it and specify on or off.

  • sell [on | off]

Toggles auto-sell on and off. Optionally, you can force it and specify on or off.

  • ignore [item link]

This is a dual purpose command. You can toggle ignoring both items and vendors.
Vendors: As with the ‘loc’ command, you must have the vendor targeted and open. Ignoring a vendor means their location is untrackable, and essentially makes them ‘arealess’.
Items: Supply the item link to toggle. Ignoring an item will keep it from being auto-sold.

  • verbose [on | off]

Toggles feedback when visting vendors on or off. Optionally, you can force it and specify on or off.

  • limit <#>

Default = 10 >> Sets the number of vendor results listed (per heading) when searching for items.

  • near

Lists the nearest vendors to you.

  • nearr

Lists the nearest vendors to you that are able to repair your gear.


  • There is currently no GUI. This means everything is done through slash commands.
  • For now, there is no “master list”. It only knows about the vendors you’ve visited at least once. This feature could be possible someday. Depending on public reaction…
  • Thanks for checking out Mercho! The author can be reached at this discord.


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