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Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 57,268
Updated: Oct 1, 2019
Created: Sep 7, 2019
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Classic Info

I (TheRealHypo) took up this Addon from an earlier Version, that had already more similarities with the Classic version of MobInfo2. Started to fix all Errors that appeared while playing my first Classic characters. It's now in a playable State and everytime a new Error comes up, I'll get to fixing it asap.

I did not start this project, I do not claim to have written this code, while looking through it, you'll notice a lot of people who have contributed to this project over the years.

Have Fun and Enjoy Classic ! Report any problems that appear in the Issues Panel.


The below information is untouched by myself.


About MobInfo-2

MobInfo-2 is a World of Warcraft AddOn that provides you with useful additional
information about Mobs (ie. opponents/monsters). It adds new information to the
game's Tooltip whenever you hover with your mouse over a mob. It also adds a
numeric display of the Mobs health and mana (current and max) to the Mob target
frame. MobInfo-2 is the continuation of the now abandoned "MobInfo" by Dizzarian
combined with the original "MobHealth2" by Wyv.


[[ Please read the informatin in "ReadMe_MobInfo_API.txt" ! ]]


MobInfo-2 Data

MobInfo collects data whenever you fight a Mob. It starts off with an empty
database, which fills up automatically the more you fight and play. The data it
collects is used for enhancing the game tooltip and the game target frame. It
is also available to other AddOns (mostly the mob/target health values).


NEW FEATURE: The MobInfo database has become searchable. You can do a search
for the 12 most profitable Mobs. You will find the "Search" button on the
"Database" page of the options dialog.


Extra Information For Game Tooltip

The extra information available to show on the game tooltip is:

Class – class of mob
Health – current and total health of the mob
Mana – current and total mana of the mob
Damage – min/max damage range of Mob against you (stored per char)
DPS – your DPS (damage per second) against the Mob (stored per char)
— Kills – number of times you have killed the mob (stored per char) — Currently not working
Total Looted – number of times you have looted the mob
Empty Loots – number of times you found empty loot on the mob
XP – actual LAST xp amount you gained from the mob
# to Level – number of kills of this mob neede to gain a level
Quality – the quality of items that are dropped by the mob
Cloth drops – the number of times cloth has dropped on the mob
Avg Coin Drop – average amount of money dropped by the mob
Avg Item Value – average vendor value of items dropped by mob
Total Mob Value – total sum of avg coin drop and avg item value


Note that MobInfo offers a "Combined Mode" where the data of Mobs with the same name
that only differ in level gets combined (added up) into one tooltip. This mode can be
enabled through the options dialog


Target Frame Health/Mana Values

MobInfo can display the numeric and percentage values for your current targets health and
mana right on the target frame (formerly known as MobHealth functionality). This display
is highly configurable through the MobInfo options dialog (position, font, size, etc).


MobInfo Options Dialog

Type "/mi2" or "/mobinfo2" on the chat prompt to open the MobInfo options dialog. This
dialog gives you full interactive control over EVERYTHING that MobInfo can do. All options
take immediate effect. Simply try them all out. Decent defaults get set when you start
MobInfo for the first time. Note that the 3 main categories "Tooltip", "Mob Health/Mana",
and "Database Maintenance" have separate dedicated options pages within the options dialog.

Note that everything in the options dialog has an associated help text that explains to you
what the option does. The help texts are shown automatically as a tooltip.


How to Backup your MobInfo database


It is very IMPORTANT to make occasional (even better: regular) backups of your MobInfo database.
I have received several reports of users where due to whatever likely or unlikely incident the
original MobInfo database got lost or erased or erased or currupted. It is unlikely and happens
only very rarely, but when it happens your only chance to recover is to have a backup of the
MobInfo database.

The entire MobInfo database is contained within this onr file:
World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<your_account_name>\SavedVariables\MobInfo.lua

First of all please logout of WoW. This automagically saves all current AddOn data to disk. Then
make a copy of the database file (the one specified above) to a save location. To restore the
backed up data simply copy the backup file back to the original location.

Side note: this is also the file that you must pass on if you want to give your MobInfo database
to someone else. Which of course means it is also the file you receive when someone else gives you
their MobInfo database.


IMPORT of an External MobInfo Database

MobInfo can import externally supplied MobInfo databases. This can be a
database from a friend of yours or a database that you have downloaded
somewhere. WARNING : the database that you import MUST be from someone who
uses exactly the same WoW localization as you do (ie. the same WoW client
language). Importing a MobInfo database rom someone using a different WoW
language will NOT work and might destroy your own database.

First of all before importing data you should make a backup of your own
database. This is explained above in the chapter "How to Backup your MobInfo
database". It never hurts to be able to restore your original data in case
you are unhappy with the import result.

Here are the detailed import instructions:

1) Close your WoW client

2) Backup your MobInfo database as explained above

3) Rename the database file that you want to import from "MobInfo.lua" to "MI2_Import.lua"

4) Copy the file "MI2_Import.lua" into this folder:
\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\MobInfo\
(that is the folder where the AddOn has been installed)

5) Start WoW and login with one of your chars

6) Open the MobInfo options (enter "/mi2" at the chat prompt) and go to the "Database" options
page. Near the bottom of the page you should now see whether the AddOn has found valid data
to be imported. If you did everything correctly the "Import" button should be clickable.

7) Choose whether you want to import only unknown Mobs, otherwise all Mobs will get imported.
If a Mob already exists in your database and you choose to import it the data of the new Mob
will get added to the data of the existing Mob. Now click the Import button to star the database
import operation. In your normal chat window you will see a summary of the import results.

8) Logout to cause WoW to save your now extended MobInfo database file. You should now delete the
file "MI2_Import.lua". It is no longer needed and it will waste memory as long as it exists.

TIP : use the "import only unknown Mobs" if you know that there is a large amount of overlap between
your current database and the imported database. For instance if you import data from the same
source again (because he released a newer version).

TIP2 : You can also use this Import feature to import databases of the "MobHealth" AddOn. Use the
instructions exactly as listed above, but in step 2 rename "MobHealth.lua" (the MobHealth

database file from "savedvariables" folder) to "MI2_Import.lua".

F. A. Q. – Frequently Asked Questions


** Where do the Mob health values come from ?
WoW itself does not allow AddOns to see the numeric health value of a Mob or
other players. Instead WoW reports only a percentage value. To obtain a real
maximum health value this value must be calculated, or more correctly
approximated. That iss what MobInfo does. In order to do this you must fight
the creature. During the fight the damage you do is reported as actual damage
points. The current health of the Mob is reported as percentage values. From
these values MobInfo calculates how much damage you are causing per percent
change in health. The damage done per percent times 100 is the Mobs maximum health.

The method described above for approximating a Mobs health was first developed by "Telo"
for his AddOn "MobHealth". It was then refined by "Wyv" for his own AddOn "MobHealth2".
The MobInfo implementation stil is based on the same basic principle but uses a drastically
improved mathematical approach.


** How do I change tooltip position or tooltip popup behaviour ?
MobInfo only adds information to the tooltip, but it does not modify where or how the tooltip appears.
To change this there are a large number of real good tooltip controll AddOns available. I can't list
them all here, but some of the better and more popular ones are:
TipBuddy (,
AF Tooltip Extreme (,
or TooltipsKhaos (part of Cosmos compilation:




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