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Game Version: 3.4.0
Total Downloads: 567
Updated: Aug 31, 2022
Created: Aug 5, 2022
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by Cixi@Remulos (Classic Oceanic) 

MobNotes alllows you to add tooltip notes to any mob or player you come across.
It comes with a number of predefined comments on some mobs (for example, raid trash) and also allows you to edit those notes and/or add some new notes
The notes are automatically added to the mob tooltips.



MobNotes can help remember some of the mechanics linked to mobs (cleaves or threat drops or whatever).
It can also be used to add notes on players, for example a tooltip that reminds you where you met a player, or if they have a specific pattern.

  – Copy the “MobNotes” folder into your Wow Classic \Interface\AddOns\ folder
  – Restart World of Warcraft Classic

Just target a mob and type /mobnotes in chat to edit the note. Alternatively you can also click the minimap button. 

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