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Game Version: 8.0.1
Total Downloads: 2,465
Updated: Oct 19, 2018
Created: Mar 15, 2018
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Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 710.51 KB Oct 19, 2018 8.0.1 546 download Multimod releaseDownload release 710.19 KB Aug 18, 2018 8.0.1 323 download Multimod releaseDownload release 709.94 KB Aug 18, 2018 8.0.1 117 download Multimod releaseDownload release 709.77 KB Aug 13, 2018 8.0.1 167 download Multimod releaseDownload release 709.44 KB Jul 25, 2018 8.0.1 197 download Multimod releaseDownload release 708.14 KB Jul 18, 2018 8.0.1 247 download Multimod releaseDownload release 708.11 KB Jul 17, 2018 8.0.1 106 download Multimod releaseDownload release 666.34 KB Apr 4, 2018 7.3.5 371 download Multimod releaseDownload release 376.45 KB Mar 23, 2018 7.3.5 158 download Multimod releaseDownload release 376.16 KB Mar 23, 2018 7.3.5 51 download Multimod releaseDownload release 367.64 KB Mar 19, 2018 7.3.5 104 download Multimod releaseDownload



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I haven't played retail for a couple of years so this is basically abandoned right now and has errors, maybe I'll play again one day…


Many different features and commands to make WoW life better, map marker sharing for friends/guild not in group, stuff that makes multiboxing easier, holiday event helpers, inventory cleanup commands, and much more. This addon is mostly just a bunch of little things I wanted for myself.

Multimod feature summary: (all features can be turned on/off in /mm options menu)
-Show position markers on the map for friends/guild/all even when you are not grouped with them.
-Chat copy and paste.
-Clickable website links in chat.
-Work orders auto start when talking to garrison/orderhall npcs, Nomi too if you enable it.
-Add the DELETE text to the confirm box when you try delete blue+ items.
-Item buttons for using entire groups of items with 1 slot (rep tokens, armor tokens, arifact power, and more)
-Item buttons for using a custom list you can add items to and the button cycles through them all.
-Adds how many quests you have back to the quest log.
-Move/Resize the talking head frame that pops up when you enter world quest areas.
-Accept group invites if you are not in a queue, can enable friends/guild/all.
-Invite all online chars at once of a bnet friend with /bnetinv <name>.
-Accept role checks.
-Hide the useless role confirm box that pops up after you join a custom finder group.
-Show wow token price at logon.
-Show next Legion invasion timer at logon for those leveling alts.
-Auto accept granted levels (for multiboxers mainly, also a /grant command to macro and spam grant).
-Scan your bags for higher level items not yet equipped.
-Bring up a keystone list of all keystones for all alts across all accounts with /ks. (mainly for multiboxers).
-Print msg to chat window if you own a keystone for the mythic+ you entered (so multiboxers can see at a window glance which has it).
-Auto Insert keystones in mythic+.
-Flash the WoW window when minimized if important events happen (invites/combat/summon/trade/rare spawn/flightpaths/many more).
-Skip cut scenes and movies.
-Various other little quality of life features.

Holiday event features:
Loves is in the air:
-Auto start the fight when you talk to the instance npc.
-Auto leave the instance 5 seconds after fight ends and box is looted (for mount farmers and multiboxers).
-Destroy all useless junk that can't be sold items after the event with /destroylove.
-Auto start the fight when you talk to the instance npc.
-Auto leave the instance 5 seconds after fight ends and box is looted (for mount farmers and multiboxers).
-Destroy all useless junk that can't be sold items after the event with /destroyhalloween.
Winter veil:
-Auto accept and hand in all 4 garrison dailies.
-Just open dialogue window with the daily npc and this addon does the rest.
-Destroy all useless junk that can't be sold items after the event with /destroyxmas.

Slash command list:
Most of these are here for broadcasting or macroing for multiboxing.
/multimod or /mm – Open the options for this addon.
/bnetinvite <name> – Invites all online chars of a friend on RealID (/bnetinv also works).
/token – Displays current WoW token price.
/invasion – Tells you how long till next Legion invasion, or when current invasion ends.
/scan – Scans your bags for higher level items than you have equipped.
/scanequip – The same as /scan for finding higher items in bags, but also equips them at the same time.
/grant – Grant a level to target (RAF), there's an option in /mm to auto accept granted levels.
/done – Leaves party, named "done" because I would use it to leave dungeons when done.
/in – Teleport to a dungeon you're already in a group for.
/out – Teleport out of a dungeon without leaving group (for going back to start for quest hand ins etc).
/pvpon – Turns on pvp flag.
/pvpoff – Turns off pvp flag.
/closeall – Closes all windows, same as pressing escape but doesn't open WoW options menu so you can broadcast spam it.
/greys – Sell all greys, checks if shop is open first so you don't accidently equip them.
/cam – Resets cam to the middle.
/passloot – Pass on loot rolls, I have slave chars pass while running leveling dungs (personal loot still works).
/passlootoff – Stop passing on loot, it turns off when logging off anyway though.
/followspam <name> – Spams follow on <name> every 2 seconds, "/followspam stop" to stop (added for some semiafk friends I was boosting in dungs).
/destroylove – Destroy all unsellable Love is in the Air items (checklist is in options).
/destroyhalloween – Destroy all unsellable Halloween items (checklist is in options).
/destroyxmas – Destroy all unsellable Winter Veilitems (checklist is in options).
/destroyeggs – Destroy all Fel-Spotted Eggs from Argus.
/destroyargus – Destroy all unsellable Argus items including eggs (checklist is in options).
/destroyat – Destroy all Argus Unsullied Armor Tokens. (sells instead if shop open, checklist is in options)
/destroylooms – Destroy all unequipped Heirlooms, skips enchanted looms unless you tick it in options.
/destroyall – Runs all /destroy commands at once, good for bag cleaning.
/luaon – Turns on lua errors.
/luaoff – Turns off lua errors.

Multimod is lightweight with a tested load time of 0.017 seconds on an average i7700k.
All delete commands allow you to turn on/off every item in /mm options.
Some of these commands can be run at logon time automatically in options.
To see map markers of friends/guild they must have the addon installed also.
Keystone list sharing is done by party or completing a m+, if a keystone doesn't show it's because no char on your main account has been in a team with that char, I always see all alts keystones across 5 accounts so far though. Planning to add more cross-account sharing ways later (guild wide etc).
All options are account wide, I may add char specific profiles one day but I think account wide is easier for people with many alts.
When auto starting work orders if you spam click the npc often the work order frame breaks and you have to walk away from the npc and back again, this is an error with Blizzards UI and they still haven't fixed it since Legion launch. Just click work order npc's once.


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