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Multiple Account Helper

Game Version: 9.2.7
Total Downloads: 52
Updated: Sep 11, 2022
Created: Sep 1, 2022
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1.0.0-beta beta 51.24 KB Sep 11, 2022 9.2.7 51 download Multiple Account Helper 1.0.0-beta betaDownload


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Multiple Account Helper

Multiple Account Helper is an addon useful to manage multiple World of Warcraft accounts on the same account.

This addon makes grouping other characters on other accounts easier.

⚠ This addon is actually in beta testing

Bugs might occur, if this is the case please send me the informations at


  • Adds a new tab to the frame to see in one sight all your connected characters
  • Remembers automatically your other characters the first time you group them
  • Group your characters in one click, and automatically accepts invitations from registered characters

How to use the addon

To access the addon interface, open your contacts list. A new tab called “Multi-account” appeared, by clicking on it you will access the addon.


Character synchronization

In order to make the addon remember your characters, you need to group them manually one single time per character.
Once the character is groupped, the addon will automatically remember it and all the others characters that belongs to you in the same group.

Warning, if you change the server of one of your character by buying the Blizzard server tranfer, you’ll need to re-synchronize it.

Character list

The characters list and their connected/disconnected status does not yet updates automatically. You will need to refresh it by clicking the corresponding icon on the top-right corner of the addon interface.


All your characters displays as a list, with a button allowing you to group them easily. The connected characters are displayed first so it’s easier to find them. You can group all your connected characters with one click on the corresponding button.


Available languages

  • English
  • Français (French)

Do not hesitate to make a pull request to add translations for other locales !


  • Addon Github repository
  • Addon developer : Runter

    • My twitter
    • My twitch channel (french only)


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