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My Instance Lockouts

Game Version: 8.3.0
Total Downloads: 20
Updated: Jul 2, 2020
Created: Jun 26, 2020
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8.3.0-1 release 20.26 KB Jul 2, 2020 8.3.0 20 download My Instance Lockouts 8.3.0-1 releaseDownload


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A simple AddOn to print a selection of your instance locks for you or your party.

Usage (/lockouts or /lo):

/lo show <instanceType> <addOn> — prints your instance locks with specified type belonging to specified addon to you or your group

               possible <instanceTypes> "raid", "dungeon", "all"

               possible <AddonTypes> "all","classic","bc","wotlk","cata","mop","wod","legion","bfa"

               show can be ommited

/lo opt — shows options dialog

/lo help — prints a help message

/lo — executes standard command as specified in options


Note: This is inspired by PsyKzz's InstaceLocks, with many very handy extensions.>


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