WoW MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
wow addon MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands

MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands

Game Version: 9.1.5
Total Downloads: 9,661
Updated: Apr 8, 2022
Created: Dec 26, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v1.3.1 release 68.45 KB Apr 8, 2022 9.1.5 486 download MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands v1.3.1 releaseDownload
v1.3.0 release 68.61 KB Mar 7, 2022 9.1.5 1,217 download MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands v1.3.0 releaseDownload
v1.2.1 release 68.06 KB Feb 23, 2022 9.1.5 518 download MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands v1.2.1 releaseDownload
v1.2.0 release 68.07 KB Dec 13, 2021 9.1.5 2,030 download MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands v1.2.0 releaseDownload
v1.1.1 release 58.24 KB Nov 3, 2021 9.1.5 869 download MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands v1.1.1 releaseDownload
v1.1.0 release 58.26 KB Aug 24, 2021 9.1.0 1,018 download MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands v1.1.0 releaseDownload
v1.0.2 release 58.10 KB Jun 30, 2021 9.1.0 1,095 download MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands v1.0.2 releaseDownload
v1.0.1 release 58.07 KB Mar 10, 2021 9.0.5 1,289 download MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands v1.0.1 releaseDownload
v1.0.0 release 58.01 KB Dec 26, 2020 9.0.2 1,139 download MythicPlusPullReEstimated – Shadowlands v1.0.0 releaseDownload


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A remastered and updated version of (which hasn’t been updated for a long time, and was an updated version of

I’ve rewritten and cleaned up most of the code, but the functionality remains mostly the same


Updated for shadowlands dungeons


Thanks to the original author for the idea


Adds pull progress and estimate information in multiple places:

  • On the tooltip of enemies (will also display how many of the mob you’d need to kill to reach 100%)
  • On nameplates of enemies (Please let me know if you run into issues with other nameplate addons! Use “/mpp nameplates” to disable if needed.)
  • In a compact text on your screen which displays how much progress your current pull will give you (both how large the pull is, and what % you’ll be on after killing everything). This is calculated from all nameplates you are in combat with, so make sure you have nameplates on and are looking at the mobs if you intend to use this feature




Q: Can I disable one/some of your features?
A: Yes. All of this addon’s features can be individually toggled using slash commands. See /mpp, /mypp, or /MythicPlusProgress for available commands.

A: Is your keystone actually active? Is your progress <100%? Is the addon enabled? Did you get any lua errors at any point? Try enter a dungeon, type “/mpp sim” and see if the simulation does work.

Q: Why are some dungeon mobs showing up as “No progress”?
A: Some new dungeon or expansion was released, and I was too lazy to update in time 🙂

Q: How do I turn it on/off?
A: It’s on by default. You can toggle it on/off using the “/mpp toggle” command. Note that you can use any of /mpp, /mypp, or /mythicplusprogress as prefix.

Q: I lost/can’t find the current pull progress text!
A: You can reset its position to the middle of the screen using the “/mpp reset” command.

Q: What do the numbers mean on the current pull progress text?
A: Current progress + Currently pulled mobs = What you’ll be after killing the currently pulled mobs

Q: How do I customize the addon?
A: Type /mpp, /mypp, or /mythicplusprogress; and you’ll see a list of options

Q: I have an idea that I think would be a really cool addition to your addon!
A: Drop a comment here somewhere, and I’ll have a look 🙂


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