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Game Version: 1.13.3
Total Downloads: 39
Updated: Jan 17, 2020
Created: Jan 11, 2020
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This addon adds the possibility to automatically invite a premade list of players into specific raid groups.


Use case

Let's say you have a prepared list of raid members in some kind of structure (Excel, CSV, JSON, list on web page, …). You also managed to divide members into raid groups to maximize buff benefits etc. You want to invite all of them in-game, but since the game itself allows only invitation one by one it will actually take a few minutes. After that, you also need to sort members into groups and notice who is missing etc. NightRaider allows you to automize this procedure, save a lot of time and also a nerves.


How to use

You can open main window by in-game command "/nr" or by using left-mouse click on addon icon next to the minimap. Main window contains text input where you can put text representation of member structure. After that, you can click on the "Invite/sort members to groups" button to send invitations. After invitations are sent party is converted to raid and members are invited. Once the member accepts the invitation he is automatically transferred into the required group (in case that group number was specified).


What are acceptable member structures?

Almost any representation of player name followed by group number (optional).








unengagedcelsius     1
drivabledocument      2
glossopswimwear      1
lakedespair                3

Group number can be omitted but in that case, the player is not invited untill the option "Include not grouped" is checked. Any other number than 1, 2 ,3, …8 will resolve as a not grouped player.




How can I get the member structure

You can use any spreadsheet edit (LibreOffice Calc, Excel, .etc.) to create a table with two columns where the first column will include player names and the second will contain group numbers. Simple copy-paste to the addon should work.


You can älso use specialized tools for this purpose. For example, Tampermonkey Shivtr Extend.allows to generate usable structure from Shivtr calendar events.


Addon is not inviting new members

If given member structure does not include group numbers you need to check the option "Include not grouped" to invite players without group.


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