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Game Version: 9.0.1
Total Downloads: 7,071
Updated: Oct 13, 2020
Created: Jan 17, 2018
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NpcHider gives classes such as Hunters, Feral Druids, those with a worg steak food buff, and anyone else with the capability to track Humanoids the ability to show or hide the clutter of npc, mob, and/or player icons from their minimap, granting you minimap options beyond what Blizzard offers.

The main feature of this addon is the option to Hide the clutter of NPC & Mob tracking dots, so this way only Player tracking dots are visible, and also grants you the option to show only enemy player tracking dots which makes this addon a great asset for world pvp and battlegrounds, by helping to improve your enemy tracking abilities as enemy player dots will never be buried under the clutter of NPC, Mob, and/or Friendly Player tracking dots.

How to Use: 
Typing only /nh or /hide will bring up the following list of commands in-game:

Type /nh or /hide & the following desired command #: 

  • '1' — Show Players Only.
  • '2' — Show NPCs & Mobs Only.
  • '3' — Show Enemy Players Only.
  • '4' — Show Friendly Players Only.
  • '5' — Show NPCs, Mobs, & Enemy Players Only.
  • '6' — Show NPCs, Mobs, & Friendly Players Only.
  • 'reset' — Show Everything (resets last used option).
  • 'toggle' — Disable/Enable NpcHider (retains last used option).

note: mobs = hunter tracking: beasts/demons/dragonkin/elementals/ghosts/giants/undead.

This addon only hides the npc/mob/player tracking dots from the minimap, so you will still see all other minimap icons such as quest markers, portals, flightmaster, mailbox, etc. In addition, you will still see all party/raid teammate class color tracking icons on your minimap.

Lastly to note, for hunters with all checkboxes of hunter tracking enabled, this addon also hides the minimap dot icons of mobs such as beasts, undead, elementals, etc, when you choose to hide NPCs due to the limitation that Blizzard has set these mobs to share the same exact tracking icons as Humanoid NPCs. Regardless of this limitation, this is something most wpvp hunters (myself included) prefer, as this way only player or enemy player tracking dots will be visible on your minimap rather than obscured by the sheer number of mob dots in certain outdoor world areas.

So, if you are a Hunter or anyone with the track humanoids ability who loves world pvp, this is an essential must have addon! It will help you to spot enemy players more easily, who under normal circumstances, are hidden amongst the clutter of NPCs and other player icons on your minimap, especially while in major cities and popular areas due to the game by default typically places NPC Dots on top of Player dots which can end up making Enemy Players obscured/Hidden on your minimap.

NpcHider also helps you find NPCs in the opposite situation, where sometimes NPCs are hidden by flocks of players (i.e. new content/patch days); you can choose to hide All Players and only show NPCs to help you locate where the NPCs are which may be buried under the mass of players dots.


     NpcHider is based an older addon known as HideNpcTracking. Unfortunately HideNpcTracking has long stopped receiving updates around the end of Warlords of Draenor & has since been non-functional/broken for years. So I've decided to continue the legacy of HideNpcTracking with NpcHider, however much improved and expanded upon which gives NpcHider additional tracking options, new optimized features, and Blizzard quality tracking icons never available with HideNpcTracking. After keeping NpcHider private, only shared with close friends, in Jan 2018, I decided to create a more lightweight, easy to use, user friendly version to share with everyone in-order to provide all players the useful features missing from the default World of Warcraft minimap tracking options in-which no other addon provides. My close wpvp hunter & druid friends and myself included, live and swear by this addon; NpcHider has been an essential World PvP and battleground addon in which we cannot go without while in World of Warcraft. I hope you make great use of this addon to improve your ability to spot and track your enemies more quickly and effectively as much as we have over the years.

Happy Hunting!


your average player
November 6, 2020 at 8:13 pm

Not working since 9.0.1, even after its post prepatch update

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