WoW Paragon Rewards addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2022
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Paragon Rewards

Game Version: 9.2.0
Total Downloads: 4,068
Updated: Mar 6, 2022
Created: Feb 2, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v1.3 release 4.29 KB Mar 6, 2022 9.2.0 0 download Paragon Rewards v1.3 releaseDownload
v1.2 release 3.52 KB Dec 18, 2020 9.0.2 1,953 download Paragon Rewards v1.2 releaseDownload
v1.1 release 3.36 KB Feb 4, 2020 8.3.0 1,965 download Paragon Rewards v1.1 releaseDownload
v1.0 release 3.33 KB Feb 2, 2020 8.3.0 58 download Paragon Rewards v1.0 releaseDownload
v1.0-1-g68f41a6-alpha alpha 3.35 KB Feb 4, 2020 8.3.0 29 download Paragon Rewards v1.0-1-g68f41a6-alpha alphaDownload
5082a64-alpha alpha 3.33 KB Feb 2, 2020 8.3.0 63 download Paragon Rewards 5082a64-alpha alphaDownload



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Paragon Rewards was designed to make it much easier to see your current standing with all of the factions that supports the paragon system and keep track of the various rewards you can get in the cache. I’ve tried to keep this as lightweight as possible to make it blend with the default UI.



Factions will now display their current paragon standing instead of having to look at the tooltip.

Inside the Paragon Tooltip, you can see what mounts, pets, toys or other goodies you could find in cache and which ones you already have.

Extra: Since earning Service Medals is part of the 7th Legion / Honorbound reputations, I’ve decided to include them as well.


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