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Game Version: 6.2.3
Total Downloads: 804
Updated: Feb 3, 2016
Created: Jan 17, 2016
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
6.2.02 release 165.43 KB Feb 3, 2016 6.2.3 662 download PlayerRep 6.2.02 releaseDownload
6.2.01 release 161.78 KB Jan 17, 2016 6.2.3 142 download PlayerRep 6.2.01 releaseDownload



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As you group up with people, PlayerRep will keep track of those players.

These players will be saved for a certain amount of time (default 24h) after which they will become hidden.
You can star a player for their good behaviour or skill or choose to add a note to remember them by.
Starred and players with a note can be found in their own tabs.
When you group up with a player you have met before, starred or given a note, a pop-up will let you know.
All players you meet,star and note will be shared between all your character, on both factions and across all realms in the same region.

Both /prep and /playerrep can be used for these commands.
/prep    Open the main window
/prep options    Open the options
/prep note "your note"    Set a note for your current target
/prep star ["your note"]    Star your current target and optionally also add a note
/prep add    Simply add your current target without adding a note or starring them


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