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Game Version: 9.0.1
Total Downloads: 7
Updated: Oct 17, 2020
Created: Oct 17, 2020
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Often missing messages while doing things I sought out to replicate a plugin I came across for Chatter which took phrases and showed a popup when they were found in chat.

To quick test without opening the config window:

/pop <some message>

To configure:


This shows the configuration window where you can first select the channels you want to monitor. Some are not selected by default (like Trade chat) to reduce spam on startup.

How it works:
GLOBAL whitelisted messages are shown regardless of which channel they are in, this will also have a sound notification.

Otherwise, when you add a whitelisted phrase you select the channel you want to have it popup from and click add. If you have a channel monitored with no phrases it will popup ALL messages in that channel (useful for party/instance chat)

For blacklists, they are applied after whitelisted messages. For instance you have a whitelist of 'm+' in General chat but you dont want someone selling a m+ run you would add 'm+' to General in the whitelist tab and 'wts', 'selling', and 'cheap' to General in the blacklist tab. this means all messages with 'm+' but NOT 'wts', 'selling', or 'cheap' will popup.

– Will not work with BadBoy, or any addon that post-filters chat, this hooks directly into chat events.
– Popup only does partial matches. For example if you have a character whos shorthand is 'pan' (like mine) and you add that to the GLOBAL whitelist because you want to know when people mention you. You WILL get notifications in PANdaria, especially when you zone around. You can combat this by adding a blacklist for the bad match in the meantime.


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