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Game Version: 6.2.2
Total Downloads: 3,118
Updated: Nov 9, 2015
Created: Sep 30, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Portable_040400 release 1.81 MB Nov 9, 2015 6.2.2 2,669 download Portable Portable_040400 releaseDownload
Portable_040100 release 1.87 MB Oct 13, 2015 6.2.2 279 download Portable Portable_040100 releaseDownload
Portable_040000 release 1.87 MB Sep 30, 2015 6.2.2 170 download Portable Portable_040000 releaseDownload



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Portable is a fairly customizable UI for Mage Teleport and Portal spells. Combining Teleport and Portal spells into a smart single-click system based on your Group status. Customize the order you want the destinations to appear using an easy Drag-and-Drop list or let Portable learn where you go most and order things for you. The Portable UI now comes with Hearthstone support (The Garrison Hearthstone, regular Hearthstone, and The Innkeeper's Daughter are supported). Choose from several different Layout, Frame, and Button styles. Put the text where you want it, set the color, and use the Font you like. Use a Key-Binding to Toggle the UI or a Slash Command (which can be used in a macro).



Portable has been around since The Burning Crusade, but has been a private project for my wife Minxx-Llane, whose main is a Mage and hated having so many spells on her action bars. Once Blizzard put them into a fly-out things were much improved, but several close friends already used Portable and liked it better than the fly-out system. Once Mists of Pandaria came around, I opened Portable to the whole guild and their friends. Now, after a lot of convincing by my wife, I'm releasing Portable for every mage out there. I hope it's as useful to you all as it has been to my wife, guildies, and friends. Thanks!


Data Broker (NEW!)

  • Click to Toggle Portable Frame or go directly to Portable Options.
  • Click a Destination directly from the Data Broker Tooltip.
  • Shows Destinations in your specified order, including Learning Order.

Extra Stuff (NEW!)

  • Added Minimap Button as Requested by Alarius on Curse.
  • Added Toolbar Sizes to Large (Default), Small, and None at all.

Layout Styles

  • Center of Attention : The default layout (Minxx's favorite) features a Large icon for highest priority destination, followed by medium for the next two destinations, others are small.
  • Priority (Left/Right) : Highest priority destination is a large icon, next is medium, others are small.
  • Look at Me (Left/Right): Highest priority destination is a huge icon, all others are small.
  • Simple Rows : For the boring look, all destinations are the same size, ordered left to right, top to bottom.

Frame Styles

  • Arcane : Portals and Teleports are under the Arcane magic school, so go with the theme by default.
  • Simple : For a more plain and simple (and boring) look.

Image Icon Styles

  • Simple Square : The default and better looking of the two.
  • Simple Round : Round, are you happy Mikey? Round!
  • Support for more, coming soon.

Destinations / Spell Ordering

  • While in a Group, Left-Click to create a Portal and Right-Click to Teleport.
  • While Solo, Left-Click to Teleport and Right-Click to create a Portal.
  • Manually order the destination spells with an easy to use Drag-and-Drop list to put your favorites in highest to lowest priority.
  • Let Portable learn the destinations you go to most and put those in highest to lowest priority.


  • Set your hearthstone to take you to your Garrison or your Bind Location, or both with seperate settings for Left and Right clicking.
  • You decide what text to show on your Hearthstone, your Garrison, your Bind Location, or Both.
  • You decide what Graphics to use on the Hearthstone button, faction garrison or hearthstone.

Button Text

  • Set the destination button text to Always show, Never show, or show On Mouse Over.
  • Customize the text Font, Color, and Outline.
  • Choose the position and alignment of the Destination Text.

Other Stuff

  • Close with the ESCape key.

Portable, by Feyawen-Llane … for my wife, Minxx-Llane.


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